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Review Tour + #Giveaway: The Taken by Donnette Smith @Donnettetxgirl @GoddessFish


by Donnette Smith

GENRE: Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance


All Jenna Langley wanted was a chance to finally marry the man of her dreams. But when the spirit of a dead girl shows up at her wedding that only she can see, it becomes clear Jenna’s latest brush with death has caused the heightening of her psychic abilities to reach an unfamiliar and frightening level. Her new husband, Detective Cole Rainwater, vows to do whatever it takes to get to the root of Jenna’s disturbing sightings. But before he can investigate this mystery, his bride is taken right under his nose.

What started as a romantic honeymoon has turned into a fight for Jenna’s life. And the only path to freedom is through the help and guidance of a dead girl who was once the victim of the sex traffickers that have stolen away with Jenna.

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Who’s there?” she demanded, taking measured steps toward the bathroom.

Dead silence.

As Jenna stumbled into the bathroom, the hairs on the nape of her neck stood on end. A presence lingered here. There was no doubt about it. A sudden chill bit into her flesh; puffs of cold smoke billowed from Jenna’s mouth. She hugged her body to fend off the cold, but the arctic environment was nothing compared to the adrenaline that lit her up.

She scrutinized all three bathroom stalls. All the doors were shut, but her psychic ability drew her to the one in the center. Her hand shook like a leaf in a storm as she lifted it up and placed it against the door. As she gave the door a shove, the hinges creaked—ever so slightly. A flash of dread twisted her gut as the door slowly drifted open.

The sight of an ill-defined something, perched on the lid of the toilet, sent out an ear-splitting scream.

Jenna back pedaled, thudding against the cold, porcelain sink.

The shape took form before her eyes. The edges became sharper, clearer—until the girl with blood oozing from a hole in the center of her forehead shot to her feet like a rocket, her dark eyes as big as saucers. “You can see me, can’t you?”

My Review:

The Taken is the first book in the Spirit Walkers series that I have read. I enjoyed reading The Taken very much but I do wish that I had read the first two books before reading the third. If I had I would have gotten to know more about who Cole and Jenna are and about the things that Jenna went through in book two, Buried Alive.

The Taken has a little bit for everyone. It has paranormal elements, lots of suspense and mystery, spirits or ghosts plus so much more. The Taken grabbed my attention from the first page and held on page after page as I raced to the end to see how it all was going to turn out.

After checking out the first two books Killing Dreams and Buried Alive in the Spirit Walkers series I learned a little bit about what Jenna and Cole especially Jenna went through. And now add in the things that she goes through in book three The Taken my heart goes out to her.

The Taken is filled with so much suspense that kept me hooked all the way to the end. After reading the summary for The Taken and then checking out Killing Dreams and Buried Alive I couldn’t wait to dive into The Taken and I have to say I was not disappointed in the least. I can’t wait to read more about Jenna and Cole in future books and past books in the Spirit Walker series.

I would highly recommend The Taken to all mystery and paranormal fans! Grab a copy of The Taken today!  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Although not a native Texan, Donnette Smith has spent more than half her life living in the Lone Star State. She is an entrepreneur and former business owner of Tailor Maid Services LLC. After spending a few years working as a journalist for the Blue Ridge Tribune, she realized her love for writing romantic detective novels. Her stories cover a wide range of genres, from horror, time travel, mystery, fantasy, paranormal, and thriller. But one theme stays the same, there is always a detective solving a crime, and a gorgeous victim he would lay down his life to protect. Donnette’s biggest fascination is with forensic science and crime scene investigations. Her novels include, Cunja, a horror/mystery/suspense that debuted in 2012. Book 1 of The Spirit Walker Series, Killing Dreams, a fantasy/romance story with a paranormal element became available in September of 2021. Book 2 of The Spirit Walker Series, Buried Alive, was published on March 14, 2022. And her latest, book 3 of The Spirit Walkers Series, The Taken.

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