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Blurb Blitz + #Giveaway: The Joy of Spirit by Tania Kiaizadeh @GoddessFish

The Joy of Spirit: Spiritual Living to Discover Wonderful You

by Tania Kiaizadeh

GENRE: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth


Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul."
Walt Whitman

Care to reclaim your authentic, pure self?
This book will show you how to find your inner balance in life, by connecting to mindful moments to reclaim your true nature.

This book:
- is transformative in nature,
-will teach you to depend on yourself, as you hold a wealth of magic,
-will teach you how to shift perspective,
-is riddled with warm anecdotes to inspire you,
-will teach you how to live mindfully outside of yoga and meditation,
-will remind you that intention setting is key,
-will help you connect to your own spirit guides and the Angelic realm regardless of religious beliefs,
-will show you how to connect to your multidimensional self,
-will remind you that belief is at the core of spiritual realm,
-will have you connect to the frequency of love where actual magic begins.

In essence, shift your perspective to tap into this spiritual realm while on earth.


Becoming your own number one choice in life is walking the spiritual path successfully.

It is time to trim your existence from all the self-imposed drama. Your perception plays an important role in releasing yourself from all this commotion.

You are divinity in motion.

Walking this earth with a curious mind, willing to learn, to be challenged and to grow is the purpose of every soul...

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As a child, I always enjoyed my art classes and I would get joyfully lost immersing myself in the process. However, it was only after my divorce, as a thirty-six-year-old, that I actively pursued an artistic outlet, to heal my inner pain. The art medium on which I chose to drown my sorrows was acrylic paint. I signed up for a twelve-week art class and began learning how to handle the tools of the trade, how to mix colours, how to discover the many types of brush strokes, and ultimately how to paint freely. Humans seek their sovereignty, even in the midst of creation.

The teacher in question was an open-minded individual who taught the basic concepts of acrylic painting and then she allowed all her students to express their individuality. My first few paintings felt basic and a little childlike until I attempted a painting by Marc Chagall. At the time he was a favourite artist of mine. There was sadness, in the midst of bright colours, there was love mixed with hardships. His paintings were emotive. The painting I chose was one where an old man was carrying his home on his back while his bride, standing at the doorstep in her bridal gown, looked away as she saw herself moving further away from the village she once knew, during a pogrom; a persecution. There was immense sorrow in the painting and as I was honing my skills, I recall taking on all the sorrow and somehow blending it with my own personal situation: my divorce. It was a heightened, charged up feeling within. My eyes focused on the bride, standing at the doorstep, looking away as with each broad-brush stroke, my eyes welled and I found myself reliving my divorce, the end of an era, and the start of this vast, untethered new chapter.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tania Kiaizadeh (Kia) was born in Teheran, Iran but in 1977, at the age of nine, she moved to Montreal with her family in order to avoid the political rumblings which gave way to the Iranian Coup d’état. With new beginnings in Montreal, adaptations to be made, she carved a life in North America. She received her Bachelor and Master of Education in Educational and Counselling Psychology, at McGill University. Since 1991, she has been working with her students in classrooms and in private practice, teaching them French as a second language, literature, history, as well executive functioning skills, while reminding them that they are limitless beings with gifts and capabilities that extend far beyond their imagination. It all starts with setting an intention and implicitly believing in yourself. Education, knowledge, self-improvement and self-empowerment paired with curiosity and her favourite aphorism, “leave no stone unturned,” define the fabric of her life. With Spirit nestled in stereo, she now has access to a crisp means of learning, which involves a great deal of hands-on, experiential learning.

She began writing her debut, prescriptive non-fiction, a spiritual self-help, after delving into the study of transformation, spirituality, intuition and manifestation. When she is not busy editing her second novel, a narrative memoir, she can be found walking in nature, connecting to her students, embracing her limitations in yoga, deeply breathing, having insightful exchanges with her family and friends, and just being. Since the summer of 2021, she has been sending free, monthly, distant energy healing to those in need, especially during this worldwide pandemic, where people are suffering in many different ways. Even with energy medicine, she proves to be most effective helping children. She continues to live in Montreal, Canada, and she can be found sharing her insight on Instagram @tania.kiaizadeh.

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