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Review: The Island Mother by Jon Cohn @JonCohnAuthor

 The Island Mother

by Jon Cohn

Published: July 13, 2022

Publisher: Deadbolt Books

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Ghosts, Supernatural


Midsommar meets White Lotus in this supernatural thriller centered around an emotionally codependent woman on the run from her own life. She finds paradise, but it may come at a cost that she's unable to pay...

Leigh Ramos - a woman on the run from her ex-boyfriend and the dangerous life she left behind - is starting over in Hawaii with a new name and hopes to leave her past behind her.
She’s doing okay. A new job. Great friends. And a love interest in her new boss. But something seems off. The itch to run is back and the island seems to be rejecting her at every turn.

"An edge of your seat page-turner."
"An intriguing supernatural thriller with lots of horror elements, keeping THIS reader flipping pages till the very end."

There’s a darkness looming on the island and it seems that the only thing that will save them is a sacrifice that will cost a little bit of something from everyone.

Will this new life be all that she’s ever wished for or is the island going to claim her too?

From author Jon Cohn, comes the next great horror book that blends danger, supernatural creatures, and the unknown into an unforgettable read.

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My Review:

When I read the summary for The Island Mother I couldn’t wait to get started. After reading the summary I thought I had it all figured out. I knew exactly how the story was going to go, boy was I wrong. Or, well that is what I thought when I began. I kept waiting for the supernatural parts to show up.

I was waiting for it page after page. I had just about given up on the supernatural but then wham it smacked me right in the face. And let me tell you it was nothing like what I was expecting it to be. But I can tell you that it was way better.

The Island Mother kept me in suspense from beginning to end with one twist after another. It kept slamming me with twists after twists. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as I raced to the end wanting it all and wanting it now.

My own world disappeared around me as I fell deep into The Island Mother’s world. I liked that The Island Mother was told from different points of view. I like getting the story from different characters. This way I get to see the story as the character sees it and not someone’s opinion of it so to speak.

The Island Mother tells the story of one woman who is running from her past or maybe she is more like hiding. She is running away from a world of drugs and her captors. Or she felt as if they were her captors. She wants to be able to live her life the way she wants and she also wants to be free to do so.

She skips out on her captors and goes to Hawaii. She hopes to start a new life there. She hopes no one will find her. But her time on the island may be coming to an end as things on the island are starting to take a turn for the worse. The supernatural just might have finally made its appearance.

It is starting to look like something bad, strange or wrong is happening. Things are happening that she doesn’t think she wants to be a part of. But the question remains can she leave? Or will she be forced to stay? Will her past finally catch up with her?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Island Mother and can’t wait to read more books by Jon Cohn.

I definitely recommended The Island Mother to all horror fans! Grab a copy of The Island Mother today! Be sure and check out other books by Jon Cohn as well!  

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