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Review: Cemetery Songs by Julie Gilbert @JulieKGilbert @XpressoTours

Cemetery Songs

by Julie Gilbert

Publication date: December 15th 2020

Genres: Young Adult


Poignant and uplifting, Cemetery Songs is a compelling YA about a girl, a ghost, and the graveyard that sends them both on a journey of self-acceptance.

When Polly Stone’s birthmother dies, she feels lost and adrift. How do you mourn someone you never knew? Even the dead, whose final thoughts Polly can hear, offer no advice.

Instead Polly fails her classes, alienates her friends, gets fired from her summer job, and accidentally sets fire to the high school. At a loss, Polly’s parents ground her and insist she volunteer at the local archives.

The dusty boxes are boring, but Polly is intrigued by her assignment: mapping an abandoned Black settlement on the edge of town. At the very least, it gives her time to examine her confused feelings for Billy Meyer, a former classmate who is also blackmailing her.

Amid weedy tombstones, Polly and Billy encounter the charming ghost of Harrison Card, who died in 1924. Sensing there’s more to the story than Harrison can recall, the unlikely trio investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death.

The discoveries are unnerving, especially since the ugly racist history reflects some of Polly’s own experiences as a biracial teenager. Past and present collide when Polly’s attempts to help Harrison go tragically wrong. As Polly grapples with the consequences of her actions, she must decide if she is brave enough to heed the wisdom of the dead.

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My Review:

Polly Stone has been able to hear the dead talk ever since she was a little girl. She learned at a young age to keep her ability a secret from everyone as they would not understand. Yeah, I imagine if you went around telling people that you could hear the dead talk then they would want to lock you up and throw away the key.

One day Polly sees and hears a dead guy talking to her. Polly learns all about this guy's life and about the mystery surrounding his death. Polly decides to help this guy, Harrison Card finds out what really happened when he died and what lead up to his death.

Polly was having a bad time the summer she met Harrison. She was failing all her classes and keeping secrets from her parents. Polly also learns this summer that her birth mother died. Polly wants to visit her birth mother's home hoping to find answers to questions that she has had about herself all these years.

But her parents are not up for her visiting right now but Polly decides to go on her own but she is caught and brought back home where she must face the consequences for her actions.

Cemetery Songs is a very touching story with lots of mystery and suspense between its pages. Once I picked up Cemetery Songs the mystery and suspense kept me jumping from page to page waiting to see how it all turned out. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see what happened to Harrison on that horrific night so long ago.

Cemetery Songs is a great little story that I would recommend to anyone looking for a little mystery in their life and maybe a ghost or two that will take you into the past. One-click your copy of Cemetery Songs today!

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