Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Review: Dragon Mates by Ashley McLeo & Kelly N. Jane @amcleowrites @Kellynjanebooks

Dragon Mates

The Royal Quest #3

by Ashley McLeo & Kelly N. Jane

Published: November 17, 2020

Publisher: Meraki Press

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult


Violet’s magical ancestry has come to light. And it’s more terrifying than she could ever imagine.

Rone is determined to stick by her side and make others see the good in his mate.

But with a rogue hatchling on the loose, two dragon babies in tow, and the Komisio demanding that Rone pays for what he’s done, it isn’t easy.

Especially when an unexpected visitor arrives and gives Rone news that could change the future of his homeland. News that shakes him to his core.

Can Violet and Rone stick together and overcome the many obstacles thrown at them? Or will outside forces ruin their mate bond and throw two realms into complete turmoil?

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My Review:

I would have to say that Dragon Mates is my favorite book in The Royal Quest series so far. After reading Dragon Mates I would also have to say that it was not what I was expecting with that title. But I would have to say that it was so much better than I ever thought it would be.

I loved the baby dragons and how protective they were of the one they had imprinted with. I loved seeing Rone and Violet interacting with the baby dragons. Each of the babies had their own sweet personalities. Each one is so different than the other. It was fun to see how different Rone and Violet’s discipline for the babies was. It was so much fun trying to imagine what the baby dragons looked like.

Rone and Violet’s baby dragons weren’t the only babies born from their nest. There is a lone baby dragon on the loose. A baby dragon that did not have the opportunity to imprint like Rone and Violet’s dragons. Now there is a baby dragon out there somewhere all alone and could be very dangerous for humans and the baby dragon as well if it attacks a human. Rone and Violet must find the baby dragon before it goes rogue if they want to save it.

Dragon Mates is a very enchanting and engaging story that is filled with suspense and excitement on almost every page from front to back. Dragon Mates is brilliantly written with very vivid descriptions making it so easy to see the story playing out in your head as if you are watching a movie. I can’t wait for the next book Dragon Betrayal in The Royal Quest series.

I would recommend Dragon Mates to all fans of dragons, magic, witches, and other paranormal. One-click your copy of Dragon Mates today to being this riveting adventure!

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