Monday, December 13, 2021

Cover Reveal: Between Lost and Found and Infinite by Kathy Kimbray @KathyKimbray


by Kathy Kimbray

Release Date: February 1, 2022

Publisher: Self-Published

Genre: Poetry (Free Verse)

Word Count: Approx. 20,00


Between Lost and Found and Infinite is a collection of sixty poems divided into three parts.

Lost explores the futility of unhappy endings.

Found injects hope into despair, rising with beautiful promise.

Infinite lingers on the wonders of life and reflects on the sweetness of the universe.

With themes of memory, grief, self-discovery, relationships, and longing, this is a compilation to savor and cherish.




by Kathy Kimbray

I see you at night,

veiled in my dreams,

before waking with the thudding ache of emptiness in my chest.

And again.

Whenever the sun fades

and the gloom rises,

you are there.

Beckoning to me with the face I remember from childhood.

Alone in the car,

I hear your voice.

Sliding into songs on the radio.

Songs that shouldn’t be playing right now,

but they are.

Songs that remind me of you

in ways that don’t make sense to anyone else.

Your name is etched in the sand,

on signs,

on pieces of paper caught in the breeze.

Your name is spoken by people on trains.

On TV.

Over loudspeakers.

The chime of the letters brings me to tears.

And a voice inside me whispers

what my rational brain will not dare to breathe.

That you and I are meant to be … something.

Were supposed to be something.

Were destined to be something.

Somehow the whole world knows it.

Somehow the whole world feels it.

And yet I cannot string together enough fairy-light truths

to make me believe.

And so the signs depart,

one by one,

until they never were.

And I fall into a dreamless slumber,

and the universe passes me by,

wondering what it will take

for a fool like me

to open my eyes.

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