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Review: Origins: A Zombie Whisperer Chronicles Novella by Chandra Fry @ChandraFry12

Origins: A Zombie Whisperer Chronicles Novella

by Chandra Fry

Published: October 4, 2020

Publisher: Hydra Productions Online LLC

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombies, Horror


EvLast Corporation’s hunger to discover eternal life may have sent the world spiraling downward….

Kiko Tamagochi loved her position as the lead scientist at Evlast Corporation. She took pride in running a tight ship and keeping a constant vigil on her test subjects. They were so close to succeeding. So close she could taste it!

An accident sends Kiko’s world spiraling as she strives to keep things under control and ensure the safety of her best candidate Patient Zero. Will she be able to make it out alive and ensure that her one success makes it through or will all hell break loose and be lost forever?

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My Review:

Origins is an awesome start to a brand new world of zombies. As the title states in Origins, we get the beginning of the story. We learn how the virus started and where it started from before we dive into the middle of the apocalypse. Most of the time zombie stories start after the zombies make their appearance on the scene on right before but not Origins.

Origins is a part of the Zombie Whisperer Chronicles. It tells how the zombie apocalypse began. It tells how scientist was looking for one thing and found another.

Scientist at Evlast Corporation was looking for a way to live forever but what they found instead was a way to stay dead or undead forever. Well, that is if the undead could survive the living that is.

I love me some zombies and let me tell you I can say100% that Origins did not disappoint in the least. Origins lived up to or beyond any zombie book I have read before. I love the unique twist on the zombies. I can’t wait to seek my teeth into another one of the Zombie Whisperer Chronicles novels.

Origins had everything you could ask for in a zombie book. It had blood and gore to keep you hanging on and wanting more. It definitely read like a full-length novel. But I do wish it had been longer. Origins, unlike any zombie book I have read before in more ways than one.

I highly recommend that you give this little gem a try! One-click your copy of Origins: A Zombie Whisperer Chronicles Novella today!

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