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Virtual Book Tour + #Giveaway: AhHa...Guide to the Golden Age by DND @GoddessFish

Ahha...Guide to the Golden Age:

How to Prepare for Very Big Changes on Our Very Tiny Planet

by D N D

GENRE: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth


This Ahha...Guide to the Golden Age with the secondary title How to Prepare for Very Big Changes on our Very Tiny Planet is a mythic journey and a joy ride of discovery based on its foundational 3 Law and 10 Step vertical structure, with each level describing a rising level of consciousness. It’s actually exactly what the two titles express. Like any good story (though it’s a non fiction, it still remains the unfolding story of the universe and on mother Earth), it has its ‘good guys and bad guys’ and naturally ascends to its climax, with its minor 'AhHa' moments as well as major ‘AhHa’ moments, leading to perhaps scintillating insights and even an epiphany or two (depending on the prevailing winds), along with quite few very bad jokes and anecdotes, triggering mild chuckles or even more serious laughter on its journey...”To The Stars”….



Having experienced Vipassana meditation, which I will detail later on, I have felt this truth. There was really no ‘me’, no person at the bottom,(though lots of personalities) only impersonal energy, existing in a body and with a face that talks. And that’s all there is to it. Once the masks are dropped as Jim puts it, all that’s left is us ‘clusters, us sparks of consciousness’. He had apparently awakened to this Grand Illusion. Some scientists call the world a hologram. And for him it is just one big dance, play, act and he gets to be the court jester, playing and pointing and jesting all he wants. He gets to laugh at it all, and gets laughed at and makes obscene money doing it. This game of life is called “The Leela'' in the east, the play of Life. So keeping in mind Jim’s purpose (or any other cosmic comedian who has figured out the cosmic joke), to make light of it all, I too intend to do the same in this little project of mine. And what exactly you might ask is the cosmic joke? And does it have a decent punchline? Sorry you’ll have to read the rest of the book to discover both those answers. Hint...hint...each of us is in on it but don’t tell anyone it ruins the joke. So together, you and I and the Jim Carey’s of the world will laugh our way past our confused egos, who just don’t quite have the bigger picture. Life is this crazy wonderful story we are each living in, more preposterous and unbelievable than any fiction or film story, when one clues in to the wider story that’s unfolding. And I’d say 2020 is shaping up to be one of these kinds of stories.

We are each the potential hero’s in it, or the court jester if that’s the role we have been allotted. We have certain things in common with Jim and I, a little humor, a little playfulness, a smidgen of compassion, a somewhat awakened brain (maybe he is a lot more awakened) and he does make more money than me... lots and lots more. So I’m not perfect. Who cares? Most humans are stuck in their illusion of separation and suffering, just like Buddha said. We have to discover this truth in our lives, find the way past suffering, by understanding how it all works. This book may even help, or least give you a few chuckles on the way, along with an insight or two dozen and maybe a headache. 

Interview with DND

Do I try to be more original or do I try to give what i think the reader wants??

In answer to that question it feels like I am unconsciously aiming to be original yet at the same time I want to give people what they are seeking for in most books they read. Aside from their need to read manuals and how to books ,when it comes to non fiction books such as mine,I definitely aimed for that “hallowed ground”, a book full of fascinating material, insights and loads of juicy entertainment value including humour, earthly but mainly cosmic. People who are seeking entertainment, either utterly superficial or more profound entertainment through intense documentaries and even films with the deeper messages for humanity, are spoiled nowadays. Aside from the myriad and endless variety of hundreds of TV channels,internet channels,radio,Sirius radio,DVD's and more which are filled to the brim with superficial and in depth entertainment, how do I compete with old school non fiction book media?? unless I also fill that media with a variety of stimulation and amusements.

So I felt driven to give them that spectrum of entertainment value they are so used to and expect without exception. Like one reviewer who noted in his review (a four star surprise and grateful for it)....”This book also includes humorous sayings, science facts, in depth insights, a strong structure and profound sayings to be inspired by.” I was giving them what I know they would want, otherwise they are off to the computer or TV for more mindless entertainment. Most people don't really want to think too deeply. An ongoing feast of superficial pablum suits many people. But those aren't the people I aimed the book for or the kind of humans I relate to. I am into the deeper aspects of life with those same old humdrum questions..... s..... .... ....Who am I?....Where am I going?... What and Who is God and are we really His/Her children ?What is Ascension and the Golden Age ? And are we truly on this trajectory into the brand New Golden Age? This is what the whole premise of the book was about. And I tried to serve it to the people in a very palatable way, with the ongoing relentless cosmic humour and the best jokes I could find that were focused on each of those specific chapters.

As far as being original, I'm sure after my lifetime of experiences I am driven to be (and/or seem to be) original, just to stand out and be “Me” which ultimately is a child of the Creator.( It probably also is a strong need of this ego to to 'stand out' from the crowd.)Now that Creator is nothing if not original. I suppose this is a good enough reason to call Her/Him the “Original Creator”. Any deity who naturally creates each snow flake as totally unique is most definitely abundantly original. Since I am the child of this infinite creativity, I too should be original, whether naturally so or in more contrived ways. But I can't help myself, I tend to be a non conformist, and think in my own original way ( which also includes many hours of non-thinking when in deeper meditation). I know I am a spark of this vast endless creative force called Life, Tao, Universal Intelligence and that troublesome G word. My own originality couldn't help but seep into and marinate through the whole book from cover to cover in fact. Take a good look at the front/back covers and you will see this is so. I couldn't help myself just as I couldn't help but get this book out of my system. We are all playing on the same team afterall, me, myself, my brain and the Good Lord. This book is a spiritual smorgasbord for those folks inclined to such books, yet it also had to include a steady stream of stimulation and interest and amusement since I feel our Heavenly Source is overflowing with joy and laughter and insight and profound truths heavily mixed and permeated with jokes and more insights all intended to make the 'waking up' process we are experiencing on earth now, as pleasant and even seductive as possible. Waking up to the Truth, to Reality, To G.. to this dawning Golden Age should be fun, and full of 'twists and turns' like any good book or novel should be. And we should also all be free, liberated and enlightened to and within, our own glorious Higher self (or soul) right there in each of our hearts. Enjoy your “Journey to the Stars” your individual and collective “Hero's” journey, the journey of each of our souls, so Viva Life and Be Happy....

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Deva Neall Depodesta has been a student of life and the arts for many decades. Born in 1949 in Montreal, Quebec he has been on a life journey of the arts from initial studies at Concordia University - BA communication arts, courses in music, 2 years. further studies in music, acting, theatre and production. This was followed over the years with further studies in music, video/film production, media, education, music technology at Capilano College,Vancouver Community College,Institute of Communication Arts.There was also ongoing personal study in many aspects of music, theory, harmony, composition, instruments/voice. He has worked in the following arts :, music, performing, acting, theatre, film, radio and video/ many different roles as performer, composer, writer, actor, voiceover .This web site is basically his more integral vision of life as understood at this time in his life 2017. It includes his many interests in the arts specifically music, acting, theatre, video etc. acting promos, written music etc and video/photos in various productions .But it is the integral vision perspective that he is most focused on. It is explained in the three blogs he has written and will add to in the near future.

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