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Date Published: 07-08-2021

Publisher: Pageturner Press and Media


The parents and grandparents of William Rocky Brown, 3rd, who raised him, had roots in the southern USA. Along with that Southern upbringing came the ability to turn everyday activities or things of nature into wise sayings. His mother and grandmother had old down-home sayings that took him a while to understand. After talking to others, he realized he wasn’t alone in this beautiful experience growing up, so he compiled the wise sayings in his book, 800 Sayings by Old Folks Who Raised Us.

The wise sayings—to be passed down from generation to generation—in this book are pearls of wisdom that relate to the past generations, while the present and future generations may take time to understand, just as Brown experienced. It creates good family fun and memories. It can also be used in the form of an intergenerational family game. 



Let me begin by saying that God is the Head of my life, Jesus is my Savior and the Holy Spirit is my Comforter.

Our parents or grandparents, who had roots in the South, raised many of us. Now, along with that Southern raising came the ability to take every day activities or things of nature and turn them into wise sayings. My mother was from Greenville, North Carolina and my grandmother who raised me was from Mobile, Alabama. They both had old sayings from ‘Down Home’ that took me a while to really understand what they were saying. After talking to others, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who had this wonderful experience growing up, so I decided to compile these 800 sayings.

It is my hope that they will bring you fond memories and laughter and you will share them with your children and grandchildren.

This book is dedicated to my mother Gwendolyn Regina Carraway Brown and my grandmothers: Ethel-Mae Knight Brown (Mother-dear), Halease Moore Wooten-Reid and my great-grandmothers Willie-Mae Knight and Carrie Skipper. My grand’s are the women on the cover and that’s me at 2 months old. (By the way, that’s a design on the chair and not a ribbon in my hair. lol)

Special thanks to my friend Ellen Graham, my Bethany Baptist Church members, my Facebook friends and the contributions I found that were posted on the internet by others who also enjoy these sayings.


Enjoy my friends!

WRB, 3rd


About the Author

The Honorable Reverend Dr. William Lewis Rocky Brown, 3rd, was born and raised in Chester, PA. He has three daughters and three grandchildren. Dr. Brown received his Bachelor’s from Cheyney University, his Master’s from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate from Jameson Christian College. He studied at the MLK Jr. Center in Atlanta and the University of the Virgin Islands and completed The F.B.I. and D.E.A. Citizens Academies.

Dr. Brown is an ordained 45-year Baptist Minister now serving at the Bethany Baptist Church in Chester, creator and host of Saturday Night Live Prayer & Praise Weekly Service, and a Master Police Chaplain. He’s also the author of “800 Sayings By Old Folks Who Raised Us” and The 3N1: A Trilogy Of Spiritually Filled Motivational Messages”. He has a weekly column in Scoop USA and a daily Blog on his website: www.yourspiritualmotivation.com. In the 80s and 90s, he traveled around the country, motivating youngsters to stay in school and to say no to drugs and violence, using the art of Rap. Thus, he was affectionately known as the “Rappin Rev.” He is a former elected member of the City Council of Chester. He was also elected twice as Chester City Controller and was elected in 2021 as a Pennsylvania State Constable.

Dr. Brown has been involved in numerous community and civic organizations. He is a Prince Hall 33-degree Mason, Past Master, Grand Chaplain Emeritus, Past Grand Worthy Patron, and an Elks and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity member. He has received over 200 awards and commendations.


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