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Blurb Blitz + #Giveaway: Seven Days at Mannerley by Audrey Schuyler Lancho @AudreyLancho @GoddessFish


Audrey Schuyler Lancho

GENRE: Historical Romance


The suitcase she found changed everything. The contents? An elegant dress and an invitation in another girl's name. Twenty-three-year-old Mary would go to the ball, enjoy how the rich lived just for one night, and then quietly slip back into her real life, sorting rubbish as a poor barmaid. No harm done. Of course, there wouldn't be much of a story to tell had it turned out that way.

It's 1870 in rural England, and Mary assumes the identity of the suitcase owner, Agnes. When Mary's one night at Mannerley estate turns into a seven-day, hilarious farce, she quickly makes friends, finds suitors, and keeps fibbing. Not only does Arthur, the heir himself, fall for her, but so, too, does Mr. Singh, his friend visiting from India, making advances in plain sight of the heir. Making matters worse, a former workmate recognizes Mary and extorts her: she must steal a golden watch from the heir for him or have her true identity exposed and risk being thrown in jail, which could mean death--and that would certainly ruin her stolen, er, borrowed ball gown.

The only way Mary can get close enough to Arthur to steal his watch is via sensuality and flirtation. But as Mary scrambles to cover her tracks, her lies and crimes compound, weaving themselves into an impossible tangle. All the while Agnes, the real owner of the fancy ball gown, is making her way ever-closer to Mannerley.


The touch of her hand should not have been done, and both of them knew it, being as they were in private and in the dark. But perhaps because of the forbidden nature of the contact, Mary tingled all over, like she never had before, as if a strange force coursed through her, and her face flushed hot beneath the layer of clingy soot. He must have felt the mysterious energy too because he cocked an eyebrow and tilted his head with intrigue.

He spoke again. “I’ll go. Only promise me you will not stop dreaming. And that you won’t rely on a man to make those dreams come true.”

She was sure her soul was intertwining with his as his flesh rested against hers. To her amazement, he brought her hand to his soft mouth, and ever so lightly, kissed the back of it, leaving it cool in the nighttime breeze. She shuddered out a heavy breath. She could never stop dreaming, now.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Audrey has always written stories. Her very first picture book which she wrote in early elementary school was about a mean, grumpy tooth fairy. Her first “novel”, bound using a cardboard cereal box, was written in the fourth grade. By high school, she was writing secret novels of her own, usually naming her characters by her own initials. By her twenties, she knew that writing was her calling––and she’s so glad you’re reading her debut romance!

Audrey lives in North Carolina with her Spaniard husband and two young sons, is completely bilingual in Spanish, and enjoys church, crochet, jigsaw puzzles, time with friends, yoga, and funny movies. She’s a freelance fiction editor on Upwork, an editor at a literary agency. She also writes contemporary romance under the name Audrey Lancho. Her debut contemporary is due out in May 2025 from Harpeth Road. You can learn more about Audrey by visiting and signing up for her newsletter––she promises not to spam you; she’ll just inform you of big happenings and new releases. Audrey also enjoys connecting with readers and other authors on X/Twitter and Instagram (@audreylancho).

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Audrey said...

Thank you soooo much for hosting my book on your blog! Question for the community: if you could be rich like the upperclass dandies in my book, what would you love to have access to? (My answer: a personal chef!)

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for featuring SEVEN DAYS AT MANNERLEY today.

Marcy Meyer said...

I enjoy historical romance. This one sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

Michael Law said...

This looks like a sweet novel. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry said...

Looks like a good read.

Nancy P said...

Delightful cover