Monday, April 8, 2024

Book Blitz: A Ghost Story by Gabrielle Ferrara @RABTBookTours


Children's books on death and dying, supernatural, ghosts

We hear of spooky ghosts, but have you ever wondered where they come from and who they are?

When little foxes and squirrels have their meeting with death, they soon discover that life as they know it is about to change. They have a hard time accepting their soon-to-be lives but realize that when death comes knocking, you have no option but to open the door.Luckily, an exciting journey lies ahead for them.

Get ready to take a peep at the afterlife!

About the Author

 Gabrielle Ferrara is an artist and entrepreneur who creates Victorian-inspired art and jewelry with ethically sourced animal remains. She has a master's degree in Museum Studies and undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Art History. Gabrielle enjoys spending her free time with family, venturing down the rabbit hole of obscurity, and talking about dinosaurs.


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