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Book Blitz: It Just Had to be You by Jacqueline Francis @RABTBookTours

Second Chances, Book 1



Scott Carter is a bully. Scott Carter is a racist. Scott Carter is the most arrogant douche I have ever met. This man-whore charms the pants off all the girls, but not me - the Latina from the wrong side of town - I see none of that charm. I get the worst of him. He has made my life a living hell, tormenting me for years with no reprieve.

Just when I’m at breaking point, Scott Carter steps in and makes everything ten times worse. My whole life is turned upside down in an instant. And now, after he’s messed up everything, that’s when he decides that maybe we should try to be friends. He wants to reconcile and put the past behind us.

Ugh! No! He can go to hell. I want nothing from Scott Carter…but it’s starting to look like he wants something from me.

Dear Reader,

Although this is definitely not a 'dark romance', please take note that this book contains many triggers that may be offensive such as suicide (before the book begins) and bullying. In particular, there are some racial slurs. As a woman of color myself, I fully understand how hurtful these words can be. I am no stranger to them either. However, I did not want to tiptoe around this issue or sugarcoat the severity of it. I wanted to highlight how damaging such slurs (or any kind of name-calling for that matter) can be to the person on the receiving end. It also contains strong language and sexual content and is not recommended for readers under 18 years of age or sensitive readers.


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About the Author

 Number cruncher by day, raging romance novelist by night; Jacqueline’s creative inspiration stems from romance and all its literary and rom-com depictions. Matters of the heart are what fascinates her, because ultimately, what makes a life out of - what would ordinarily be a typical existence - is Love


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