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Prince’s Forgotten Diamond
Emmy Grayson
(Diamonds of the Rich and Famous, #2)
Publication date: May 21st 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

A prince goes looking for his memory, and finds the woman he most desires, in this sparkling royal amnesia romance by Emmy Grayson.

He’s forgotten everything…
except the desire between them.

Julius wakes after an accident with only two clues to his identity: a diamond engagement ring and the name Esmerelda Clark. He tracks Esme to her Caribbean hideout and shockingly discovers she was once his bodyguard. And he’s a Crown Prince!

Esme fled Julius’s kingdom convinced the ever-dutiful royal was destined for a more suitable bride. He seemingly has no recollection of the forbidden night that’s etched on her memory. Yet his heated gaze tells her their passion is still alive… However, princes don’t marry their bodyguards—do they?

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

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He came to with a gasp, the act of inhaling sending a hundred sharp knives stabbing into his chest. He uttered an oath and froze. Gradually the pain subsided. Each breath still hurt like the devil, but at least he could sit up.

The room spun. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, waited, then slowly opened them again. The world slowed enough that he was able to evaluate his surroundings, from the plush rug laid atop gleaming mahogany floors to the glittering chandelier hanging above his head. Cautiously, he turned his head. He was sitting on a tufted leather couch. A marble fireplace dominated the wall to his left, the space above the mantle decorated with a painting of Westminster Abbey’s Gothic towers. To the right lay a massive bed on a raised dais, the mattress draped in a luxurious midnight comforter and a mound of artfully arranged pillows.

A distant honk made him wince. Whatever he’d been through had left him not only with an aching chest but a monstrous headache. He slid his fingers through his hair, pausing when he located a lump at the base of his skull.

What the hell happened?

He stood and made his way to the bathroom. He turned on the faucet, cupped his hands to catch the blessedly cool water and splashed it over his skin.

He raised his head, his eyes flickering to the mirror, then back again as confusion tugged at him. Confusion that quickly morphed into shock.

The face staring back at him was that of a stranger.

His hand came up, his fingertips tracing a long cut that ran from the slight hollow beneath his cheek down into the light beard following the lines of his jaw. The man in the glass mirrored his actions. Brown eyes stared back at him, fatigued and ringed by shadows.


Who am I?

Author Bio:

Emmy's interest in romance can be traced back to her love of Nancy Drew books, when she tried to solve the mysteries of her favorite detective while rereading the romantic chapters with Ned Nickerson. Fast-forward a few years when she discovered a worn copy of "A Rose in Winter" by Kathleen Woodiwiss on her mother's bookshelf, and she was hooked. Over 20 years later, Harlequin Presents made her dream come true by offering her a contract for her first book.

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