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Blurb Blitz + #Giveaway: CATCH A COWBOY by Rachelle Paige Campbell @GoddessFish


Rachelle Paige Campbell

GENRE: Sweet Contemporary Western Romance


Kincaid Ranch’s lead cowboy, Ted Stirling, isn’t looking for romance or entanglements. He settled in Herd, Montana over a decade ago after a devastating loss. He’s seeking comfort and friendship. Nothing more. If he was going to try for love again, he would pick someone sweet and sunny, exactly like kindergarten teacher, Stephanie Patricks. But she’s too young for him.

Stephanie has nursed a crush on quiet, handsome Ted for years. Unfortunately, every time she’s around him, she gets tongue-tied. She only seems to be able to find her words when she’s working with her students. When Ted’s sister unexpectedly arrives in town with his five-year-old niece in tow, he needs help, and Stephanie is just the woman to provide it.

A sudden emergency puts into sharp focus exactly how fragile life is, and Ted needs to decide whether to open his heart again, or let love slip away forever.

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Stephanie glanced at the bag in her hands and back up to the cabin’s door. Nibbling her lip, she couldn’t decide if self-confidence or self-sabotage had spurred her to drive to Ted’s house after dark. Whatever motivated her, she was here, readying herself to knock with the lamest excuse possible.

She fisted her hand and raised it to the door, knocking quickly before dropping the heavy appendage to her side to grip the tote bag again. Like a flimsy canvas sack containing an assortment of Maddy’s things—mostly socks and sweatshirts she’d slipped off during the school day—from her car would provide her with protection from embarrassment. She couldn’t stop thinking about the stolen moments they’d spent together. Each had been spontaneous and natural. Tonight, she was forcing an encounter.

The door opened.

Stephanie? Hi,” he murmured, slipping outside. “I thought I heard a knock at the door but wasn’t sure. What’s up?”

She thrust the bag forward, hitting him square in the chest. “I’ve been collecting Maddy’s lost clothing. I realized just how much I had and figured you’d probably need it. You know. To do her laundry?” Stephanie’s voice was squeaky and awkward. Her skin flushed.

Oh, right.” He held the bag to his chest. “Thanks. I appreciate it.”

She took a deep breath. She was glad he hadn’t asked why she didn’t just give the items to him tomorrow or let Maddy bring them inside. She’d wanted to see him. But now, once again, her small talk vanished.

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Rachelle Paige Campbell writes contemporary romance novels filled with heart and hope. She believes love and laughter can change lives, and every story needs a happily ever after.

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I hope readers love this story!!

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