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Review: The Bond Once Broken (The Girl Once Known #2) by R.M. Demeester @rmdemeester

The Bond Once Broken

The Girl Once Known #2

by R.M. Demeester

Published: June 7, 2024

Genre: Fiction, Psychological Thrillers, Thriller, Women's Fiction


In the aftermath of Mira's hit-and-run accident, The Girl Once Known takes this dysfunctional family for another spin in its emotional, suspenseful sequel, The Bond Once Broken.

Sherry and Sierra, connected by a troubled childhood, have children who live out their mothers' legacy. While one of Sherry's daughters seems to break free from the cycle of dysfunction, Sherry herself strives to leave behind a past she'd rather forget. Meanwhile, Sierra remains chained to the past, driven by a desperate need to right a deep-seated wrong from her childhood, which leads to a life of emptiness.

The tension between Sherry and Sierra reaches a boiling point when a reunion escalates their animosity. As long-hidden secrets from their shared history erupt, they face a crucial choice: either restore their bond or settle their scores, regardless of the consequences.

The Girl Once Known is strongly recommended before reading The Bond Once Broken.

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My Review:

The Bond Once Broken is the second book in The Girl Once Known by R.M. Demeester. The Bond Once Broken is a great continuation of the first book The Girl Once Known. After reading The Girl Once Known I couldn’t wait to start reading The Bond Once Broken.

The Bond Once Broken tells the continuing story of two sisters and their children. When the girls were young they were kept apart more than they were together. The two girls, Sherry and Sierra’s mother had an affair and became pregnant with Sierra.

Sherry’s father knew the moment he laid eyes on Sierra that she was not his daughter and he never once let Sierra, Sherry, or their mother forget that fact. He was mean to Sierra and never wanted her around. He would stay out late so he didn’t have to see her.

In the first book The Girl Once Known we learned that Sierra was sent to live with her aunt and uncle at a young age. Sierra wanted her mother’s love so much she would misbehave in school and at home just so she would be sent back to her mother.

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to stay home with her mother and sister for long as her mother’s husband would send her back to live with her aunt and uncle but she didn’t care she just wanted to be with her mother.

Sierra wanted revenge for how she was treated growing up and she vowed to make her mother and sister pay for what they did to her. She wanted to make her sister Sherry feel all the pain she felt growing up.

The Bond Once Broken was just as shocking and surprising as the first book The Girl Once Known if not more so. The Bond Once Broken is just as intense and filled with just as much suspense as the first book The Girl Once Known.

The Bond Once Broken grabbed my attention from the first page just like The Girl Once Known did and did not let go even after I read the last page. I do believe that this is one story that will stay with me for a long time to come.

I highly recommend The Bond Once Broken to anyone looking for their next great read! Grab a copy of The Bond Once Broken today! But I would strongly suggest that you read the first book The Girl Once Known before reading The Bond Once Broken.

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