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Book Tour: My Illusion of Normal by Tom Carman @RABTBookTours

The Peculiar Case of Jean Stevens

Inspirational, Spiritual, True Crime

Date Published: March 21, 2024

Publisher: Mindstir Media


As a retired death investigator, I have discovered throughout my career that what I once interpreted as normalcy was grossly misunderstood. I have learned that lifestyles greatly vary from individual to individual, situation to situation, and ideology to ideology. A "normal situation" and "normal behavior" are relative to any given individual in any given environment. The inevitability of death is highly overwhelming. There are some who fear death. But, little do they know, fear has nothing to do with death, for it is death that fears nothing. At the core of the fear of death is the fear of destruction, which refers to the extinction of mind, spirit, soul, and the destruction of the body- that is nonexistent.

This book is the true story and behind-the-scene look into the case of Jean Stevens. A case that would change my life, both professionally and personally, forever. Together, Jean and I learned from each other. This case is particularly of interest since it caters to the topic of death and life and how loneliness brings havoc in our normally functioning life. Since death separates one being from the other, the feeling of never meeting the one that is gone is excruciating. This permanent separation can drive people to do things they wouldn't usually consider doing. How far would you go to remain with the ones you love? You will learn how far an elderly woman went to remain with hers.


Interview with Tom Carman

Introduce yourself

My name is Tom Carman. I am a retired Medicolegal Death Investigator with 20 years of experience in investigating deaths, providing forensic and evidence preservation education to emergency medical services, fire personnel, and law enforcement. I have consulted on multiple additional death cases. My background is in forensics and business. I have been a past CEO of a large non-profit ambulance organization. I currently write inspirational, spiritual, and true crime books. I also provide inspirational speaking upon request, offering hope to all the underdogs.

Tell me more about your journey as an author, including the writing processes.

My writing journey began by the request of Jean Stevens who encouraged me to write about her life. With this in mind, I also wanted to dive deeper into the flaws of each of us and how we can improve upon our lives. I began to put pen to paper using the life of Jean, my own lived experience, death cases that had an effect on my journey, and what we learn from scripture. I have an internal desire to provide hope for all underdogs. This includes those formerly incarcerated, presently incarcerated, those struggling with sin, those struggling with the realization that death becomes each of us, and the realization that we are amidst a spiritual war.

Tell me about our book

“My Illusion of Normal – The Peculiar Case of Jean Stevens” is part one of the My Illusion of Normal trilogy. Jean Stevens I would learn had as much to offer as I did, making a situation where we both could learn from each other. Jean made the conscious decision to dig up and co-reside with her late husband Jimmy and her twin sister June. Although this was totally illogical in my mind, I would learn it made perfect sense to Jean. Together we developed a long-term friendship that would eventually lead to hope, acceptance, and the death of Jean.

Any message for our readers

Each of us has flaws and shortcomings being an imperfect mankind. We have reached spiritual success when we identify these flaws and shortcomings and make positive changes. There remains hope for each of us while living. Regardless of our past or present there remains hope for a better today and tomorrow.

About the Author

Tom Carman is an American author who currently resides in Pennsylvania. As a retired Medicolegal Death Investigator, he has investigated over 2,000 deaths. Additionally, he has served as a consultant on several other cases. Tom has had the opportunity to get first-hand behind the scene knowledge of both scenes and people. Tom believes in love, grace, forgiveness, and hope. As a non-judgmental, now walking in Spirit man, he shares his personal journey with many. For many years Tom lived in flesh and is very familiar with sin, hardship, and knows the difficulties of starting over and accepting death. Having been formerly incarcerated, Tom now dedicates his life to serving the underdogs of the world by delivering hope. He believes wholeheartedly that anyone can receive this hope and begin a new journey leaving their past behind.

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