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Review: Bayou Venom by J.J. Cagney @AlexaPadgett

Bayou Venom

An O’Malley Family Mystery

by J.J. Cagney

Published: June 3, 2024

Publisher: Sidecar Press, Inc.

Genre: Mystery, Amateur Sleuths, Police Procedural, Crime Fiction


When Ash stumbled upon her potential boss’s lifeless body in New Orleans’ murky swamps, she knew nothing would ever be the same. With a long list of suspects and a web of secrets lurking in the bayou, Ash will need all her cunning and intellect to unravel the truth and catch the killer before they strike again—or her newest nemeses at the NOPD find a way to pin the murder on her.

Danger lurks around every corner, and Ash must stay one step ahead of a killer who seems willing to hurt anyone to maintain secrecy. Will Ash bring the killer to justice, or will she become the next victim of the bayou’s deadly venom?

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My Review:

Bayou Venom is the first book in a new series An O’Malley Family Mystery by J.J. Cagney. Bayou Venom definitely grabbed my attention from the first page and held on throughout. I loved the world or more like the setting that was created for Bayou Venom.

Bayou Venom takes place in New Orleans. Some scenes are in the swamp. I had no problem picturing any of the scenes, especially the ones that take place in the swamp. Why the swamp? I don’t really know. The descriptions just made it so easy to imagine it all as if I was there or something. Bayou Venom kept me on the edge of my seat with all the many twists that kept popping up on almost every page. When the truth finally came out I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I never expected it.

I have read every book that J.J. Cagney has written plus many that she wrote as Alexa Padgett and I would have to say that each book gets better and better. I really enjoyed reading Bayou Venom.

I can’t wait to read more in the O’Malley Family Mystery series. I can’t say that Bayou Venom is the best book by J.J. Cagney that I have read but it is one of my favorites and it is at the top of the list.

Ash has an interview with Dr. Cockcroft, the director of the Swamp Life Society. He wants to see her in the field for her interview. In the field means the swamp. Ash finds the good Dr. in the swamp after she steps on his nose. The good Dr. is dead and buried in the swamp.

Ash calls the police and immediately she is placed on the suspect list. This is when the mystery starts to roll out. Ash can’t figure out why they would put her on the list. Trying to prove that she didn’t kill the good Dr. is not going to be easy especially when you are the number one suspect.

If Ash didn’t kill Dr. Cockcroft then who did and why? Surprise after surprise keeps cropping up as the story plays out. Bayou Venom is full of surprises and mystery that keep you guessing and the pages turning.

I enjoyed reading Bayou Venom so much that I highly recommend it. Grab a copy of Bayou Venom today! 

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