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Clemency Crow

GENRE: Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure


Jeremy isn't surprised his grandfather died. He's surprised he had one.

When the family travel to Cumbria for the funeral arrangements, he realises his grandfather had an important job to complete. Jeremy's grandfather was part of the Order of the Magi, who trapped an evil spirit away from our world, using the power contained within heartstones, and hidden in special places around the county.

But the heartstones need recharging every hundred years, so Jeremy and his strange new friend must find each stone, and complete dangerous tasks to prove they are worthy, before the power of the stones runs out and evil has control over the world.

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Good morning, sleepy!” Ben grinned as he spoke. He looked no worse for wear after his ordeal from yesterday. That is, until Jeremy saw the grey arm resting above the cover. Ben followed his gaze and his grin widened. This boy would make a funny situation out of anything, no matter how grim.

Do you think you convinced your mum?” he asked.

Jeremy shook his head, as the conversation of last night came back to him.

Ben looked at him, his grin melting away. “What do you mean?”

She said she knows what’s going on, and that her dad was a mage.” Jeremy screwed up his eyes as he tried to remembered the details of the conversation, but all he could concentrate on was the argument blazing downstairs. The more he listened, the more he wanted to hear. “I’m going to get done in the bathroom,” he mumbled, getting out of bed.

Report back,” Ben said, completely unfooled by his excuse.

As Jeremy wandered along the landing, closer to the stairs, the voices became clearer.

I’m not staying here long enough to lose my son,” Jeremy heard Dad’s voice snap. He stopped in his tracks in surprise.

He’s my son, too, David,” Mum replied, equally harshly. “And he’s got no choice in the matter. If Dad chose him, then the damage is already done.”

No!” Dad shouted. “I will not have him throw away what is going to be a fantastic life.”

Right,” came the scoffing reply. “And a fantastic life by your standard is a good wage and a respected job. He will get both of these things in this job. When he’s ready to take it.”

We… are… leaving.”

There was a pause.

You may be, David,” Mum said, quietly so Jeremy had to concentrate to hear. “But I’m staying.”


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My Review:

Jeremy’s grandfather his mother’s dad dies. Jeremy, his mom, and his dad go to his grandfather’s home. Jeremy’s dad is looking to sell the house. Jeremy wants to stay and live in the house. I don’t think Jeremy’s mother is too keen on selling either. His parents argue about selling the house but not in Jeremy’s presence or at least they try not to.

Jeremy meets a new friend when he goes out exploring old castles nearby. Jeremy and Ben become fast friends. Ben’s grandfather disappears. Ben needs Jeremy’s help to find his grandfather and bring him home.

Heartstone is full of magic and childhood friendship. Ben and Jeremy will take you on a magical journey through a magical world filled with evil. Jeremy didn’t know he had a grandfather until he died. But he will do whatever he can to help Ben find his.

Heartstone will pull you into its magical world from the first page. It will have you hanging on page after page as you follow Ben and Jeremy on their journey through dangerous times and places.

Grab a copy of Heatstone today and join Ben and Jeremy on their magical journey!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Clemency is a primary school teacher, children’s author, and illustrator, based in rural Caithness with her family and two needy spaniels. In fact, Clemency is typing this one handed, because Jess cries if she isn’t stroked for five seconds.

When she isn’t writing, Clemency loves designing new parts of her garden, trying to find plants that will withstand the 70mph winds that are likely to batter them. She is oftentimes to be found tearing her hair out at the prevalence of ground elder in the flower borders, while cultivated species struggle to survive.

Clemency’s favourite genre to write, and read, is fantasy adventure. This gives her ample opportunity to put her long suffering characters in perilous situations.

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