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Book Blitz: The Moral Conundrum by CS Runn @RABTBookTours


Thriller, Military, Suspense



Reed Stanton is a navy fighter pilot and dedicated family man. As a combat veteran who was assigned to work with navy SEALs overseas, he is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and with small firearms. His experience on the battlefield has caused him to struggle with the morality of killing combatants in war. He doesn’t want to do it. You can’t unsee dead bodies.

Out of nowhere, his life at home begins to crumble. Betrayal is everywhere. Facing struggles in his marriage, friends that turn on him, and no longer trusting of his military chain of command; he is framed for murder. Who is doing this and why? His only way forward is to continue to trust people. But who? Reed must unravel this mystery to restore his world. But can he?

All roads lead to a terrorist plotting an attack on a San Diego air traffic control facility. On a collision course with a madman, Reed faces seemingly insurmountable odds as he races to stop the attack, neutralize a terrorist, confront his own moral demons, and reclaim his life.


About the Author

Using a Pseudonym

After careful consideration, I made a conscious decison to represent myself throughout the site with a pseudonym. I'm sure it defies conventional publishing wisdom but it enables the preservation of some privacy. I am not hiding. To the contrary, I am very accessible. I just want the ability to step back.


My Writing Process

While there is keen interest in the book; there was equal curiosity my writing and publishing process. That led to the inclusion of a section "On Writing" with information on topics such as my writing process, locations in the book, and copyright. This section will grow and there will be more later on publishing and marketing.



I was born and raised in south Florida and attended the University of Florida graduating with bachelor of science degree. Following college, I joined the navy and attended flight school in Pensacola, Florida. After being designated a Naval Flight Officer, I reported to VF-124 in San Diego, California and became an F-14 Tomcat Radar Intercept Officer. During a twenty-year carrier, I accumulated over 2,200 flight hours and 336 carrier arrested landings.

Subsequent to my navy career, I went to work for the Federal Aviation Administration as an operations research analysis. This work included unmanned aircraft systems research that answered questions about integration of UAS with manned aircraft into the National Airspace System.

I now live in San Diego, California making frequent trips around the country to explore our nations great national parks as I once did with my older brother. I also enjoy spending time "yachting" on JBO - Jerry's Boat - a terrific, easy to handle, fourteen foot boat with a 40 hp motor.


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