Thursday, June 20, 2024

Cover Reveal: Disillusioned by Brianna Sugalski @XpressoTours

Brianna Sugalski
(A Lay of Ruinous Reign, #2)
Publication date: October 8th 2024
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

As she settles into her throne, Lilac finds herself in the midst of preparing for her coronation ball, fully intending on keeping her promise to Kestrel. But when the faerie king is absent at her Accords meeting, a ghoulish messenger arrives in his place with a new demand: Intercept a traveling market headed to the shores of Brest and bring him the arcane chest they carry.
Despite Adelaide’s unexpected cunning and a powerful warlock at their side, the heist ends in tragedy, and Lilac is forced to make an impossible decision. Together, she and Garin must navigate the sanguine magic that has bound her to him, as news spreads of France encroaching her eastern duchies.

Garin’s restraint is further tested when Lilac is propositioned by an emperor who will fortify her defense against France’s attempt at annexation–and allow her to keep her sovereignty–in a marriage ceremony by proxy. The threat of Lilac’s overthrow infuriates him, almost as much as the mysterious entity lurking beyond the shores, or the thought of losing her to a ruler who would fall victim to his wrath if he dared lay a finger on her.

His beloved. His Lilith. His thrall.

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Author Bio:

Brianna Sugalski is the Vampire Romance/ Dark Fantasy author of the Ruinous Reign series (previously known as the A Lay of Ruinous Reign series). She spends her free time creating TTRPG characters who scarcely get played, so they go in her books, and prefers exploring the more ominous—disenchanting, if you will—undertones of romance, legend, and the arcane.

Sugalski is also a developmental editor specializing in #OwnVoices SF/F, Sword & Sorcery, and Romantic Fantasy, an occasional student of The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic, and a member of the Medieval Academy of America.

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