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Review: The Very Real World of Emily Adams by Samantha J. Rose

The Very Real World of Emily Adams

by Samantha J. Rose

Published: June 9, 2020

Genre: Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy


“Be a rebel. In a world of darkness, become light.”

Emily Adams has lost everything. Injured from a fight with her now officially-ex-boyfriend, she’s fled to an unfamiliar city with nothing but the change in her pocket and a broken relationship with her father. As hope slips away, she seeks to put a permanent end to her pain…

Until an enchanting encounter with a magic man in a dress changes everything.

Given a new chance at life, Emily embarks on a journey with her new BFF, a mysterious clairvoyant, and a band of musicians to stop the monsters that threaten the world. And she may uncover something even more impossible-if she can let go of the past and believe in herself enough to embrace it.

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My Review:

The Very Real World of Emily Adams starts out with Emily leaving her boyfriend or maybe she is just running away. Emily hops on a train with no destination in mind. As Emily is riding the train I can only imagine that she was on a different trip in her mind thinking about her life and the people in it and the things she has been through and all the mistakes she believes she has made.

When the train stops at the end of the line Emily steps off while still in her own head and before she knows it she finds herself on top of a building contemplating ending it all right there on top of that building as she stands looking over the side down to the ground below far below. I can only imagine that she is thinking her life is over and she just might as well end it all right there and then. I can see all this playing out in my head.

While Emily is standing there contemplating what she is going to do next she hears a voice. The voice of Lipstick Rick. After her conversation with Lipstick Rick and with just the slightest touch Emily miraculously feels better as she sees a glimpse of hope and now life is headed in a completely different direction for her.

When I started out reading The Very Real World of Emily Adams I thought it was going to be about two people meeting, helping each other turn their lives around, and maybe fall in love in the process but then it took a completely different turn going in another direction entirely. That was one big twist that I enjoyed seeing although I never saw it coming. I really loved all the songs, TV shows and movies that were mentioned and I loved how they were inserted into the story, it worked so well.

The Very Real World of Emily Adams had a lot of big twists, turning one way and then another with never a dull moment in between. The Very Real World of Emily Adams kept me on my toes as the suspense raged on and on until it reached its all-time high and then all at once it slammed me in the face and I came tumbling back down to earth only to be hit with it again and again. I can’t wait to read more of this author’s work.

If you like books with lots of suspense that will keep you rocking and rolling and the pages turning with more big twists than the norm then you are going to love The Very Real World of Emily Adams. If this sounds like a winner to you then I highly suggest that you one-click your copy of The Very Real World of Emily Adams to begin this epic journey!

Author Bio:

Samantha J Rose is a forever-student at Utah State University, who will one day have her Masters Degree in Psychology. She wrote her first novel in permanent marker on her sister's vanity chair when she was three-years-old. It wasn't well received.

She currently resides in the mountains, in a little house full of toys, where she's enjoying her happily ever after with her Prince Charming and three adorable, little bears.




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