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Review: Duckums Family and the Alley Forest by Michelle Jester @michelle_jester

Duckums Family and the Alley Forest

Hollows on the Bayou #3

by Michelle Jester

Published: March 14, 2020

Publisher: Yellow Duckie Press

Genre: Children’s Book


The Duckums Family spends a lot of time together, but when Dougie Duckums wants time alone and breaks the rules, the villagers learn important lessons about consequences and communication.

Written and designed with simplicity; intended for younger audiences.

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My Review:

The Duckums Family spend a lot of time together. But the oldest Duckums wants time by himself. Dougie Duckums is a teenage boy and just wants to be by himself and do teenage boy stuff like all boys his age. He doesn’t like having to babysit his sisters all the time or be with mom and dad all the time.

One day Dougie decides to go off on his own so he can be by himself for a while. Dougie breaks the rules that Mama and Papa Duckums set for him and his sisters to follow to keep them safe. But Dougie is soon afraid and all alone. Dougie misses his family and wants to go home but he is lost.

Mama and Papa Duckums get their friends to help find Dougie. After Dougie is found he tells his parents why he got lost. He tells his parents that he wants time alone away from the family. He learns that if he had just told his parents how he felt everything would have been so much better and he wouldn’t have gotten lost. Dougie learns that his parents have no way of knowing how he feels or what he wants if he doesn’t tell them.

Come join Dougie Duckums as he learns that it is better to talk to your parents and tell them how you feel than to try and take care of things all on your own because of what could happen. One-click your copy of Duckums Family and the Alley Forest today!

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