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Review: Kissing Shadows by Lynn Robin @LynnRobinAuthor

Kissing Shadows

Kissing Monsters #2

by Lynn Robin

Published: August 18, 2020

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Dark Fantasy


Come home with me.”

At that, Kiss tilts her head back to look at him, startled.

Zane gazes back at her—and there it is again, that rawness from those days they spent together, that honesty, that realness that was never part of the game they were playing back then.

Their emotions, at least, had been true.

But she has changed.

Kiss has left.

Zane thought he would no longer know loneliness—but he was wrong, and now he roams the earth kissing monsters into angels. Being a Gifted One, humans no longer recoil from him but instead are drawn to him like moths to a flame, begging for a touch of his lips; yet with every touch, all that he’s kissing are shadows.

He wants Kiss back. He craves her love.

But she has changed.

As he discovers the truth about her, Zane sets out to find a way to tame the beast in her heart, so he can once again claim her kisses—without turning her into an angel.

Yet as both monsters and angels try to come between them,

Zane and Kiss have to make a choice:

To give up on each other. Or to fight instead.

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My Review:

Once upon a time, Kiss craved the kisses of Zane an evil monster, a collector of monsters. When Kiss could no longer control her desire she kissed the collector turning him into an angel which in turn changed her into a monster herself.

Now Zane is the one whose kiss turns monsters into angels. Kiss has changed as well though into something different than before something eviler and sinister. Kiss still craves Zane’s kiss but in more ways than one.

And Zane he craves Kiss’s kisses more than ever. Zane makes a vow to himself to find a way so that he can kiss Kiss without turning her into an angel so he can keep her with him always and forever.

I have fallen in love with Lynn Robin’s Kissing Monsters series. The love between Kiss and Zane is a love that we all crave. Lynn makes us feel the love that these two shares. Their love is so deep and stronger it shines through the darkest shadows.

Their love is so strong that if a time ever came where they didn’t recognize each other that love would be their shining beacon of recognization. Whenever I picture Zane and Kiss together I see them looking each other over, up and down then gazing into each other’s eyes and seeing a beam of light shining back at the other pointing straight at the other and connecting. A beam of light that only the two of them can see.

Kissing Shadows is loaded with twists after twists that kept me hanging on way after the book was closed. And even now it is still with me. I can’t wait to dive into the next book from the Kissing Monsters world, book three, Kissing Scarlet.

I highly recommend Kissing Shadows and its predecessor Kissing Monsters to all demons, angels, and monster fans. One-click your copy of Kissing Shadows today to join this romantic horror-filled world of monsters, demons, and angels!

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