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Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: The Soul Warrior by Adrian Spear @SDSXXTours


The Soul Warrior
Book One
by Adrian Spear
Genre: Historical Romantic Fantasy

Follow the adventures of Lorrain McGregor, a young woman whose soul is chosen for a great purpose. When her body dies in 1851, her soul survives to go back in the year 1631 in Jamestown, Virginia. She is faced with many obstacles but there are magical creatures just waiting for her to arrive. Lorrain will realize as a Soul Warrior she has the ability to change the course of history. But for what and why was her soul chosen? As a strong woman who embraces her power and newfound supernatural friends Lorrain demonstrates what a true femme fatale is. Is this a second chance to make right her wrongs? Who will tame Lorrain's heart? Can she survive what this new life has thrown her way? Come along and find out...

So we are in a place outside of human contact?” Lorrain asked, trying to grasp what he was saying.

Almost. The only human contact can come through the portal door which is the one you two arrived in. Usually, I would destroy it but we might need to use it so I have it being guarded by a spell that makes it look invisible to humans.”

Theresa decided to add, “Think of it as a safe house. We are protected here and with our spells included, the Shack is nearly impenetrable.”

No one will hurt us here.” Vincent reiterated. “Now to talk about you. I know me and Xavier have not been very informative but it is truly because we know a little bit about what you are. But Stan here has uncovered some actual documentation from some archives in Europe. We do know what you are called.”

What’s that?” Lorrain asked.

You're called a Soul Warrior,” Xavier said from beside her like he had known the whole time.

The Soul Warrior tells the tale of several different characters. One of which is Lorrain McGregor who lives with her grandfather. Lorrain and her grandfather passed their time by getting revenge on the people who killed her parents.

Lorrain has been chosen as the Soul Warrior and a great purpose and travels back in time from 1851 to 1631 where we meet another great character, Mary. Mary is a young woman who lives with her brother who thinks she owes him for taking her in when her parents died. He makes her pay by forcing her to do things she doesn’t wish to do.

Then we meet another couple of great characters, Vincent, a wizard, and Xavier, a vampire. Vincent cast a spell so that he and Xavier can travel back in time over two hundred years to the year 1631 where they are to meet Lorrain. Xavier is sent there by his mother, Queen Dahlia to protect the Soul Warrior.

The Soul Warrior was a very enthralling and magical read that swept me right off my feet and into its world the moment I picked it up. I felt as if I had gone back in time myself with Lorrain seeing the world through her eyes. I felt as if I was floating above Lorrain and the other characters watching their stories play out below and by looking over their shoulder from time to time. The time period and world-building were immense. The Soul Warrior was so vividly written that it came to life right on the page.

The Soul Warrior is a very unique story with twists after twists that I would never have guessed in a million years. I loved watching and seeing how each character’s stories intertwined. I truly loved how it all came about and how their worlds came together.

I had so many questions while I was reading The Soul Warrior and I still have lots and lots of questions but isn’t that what a good book does? Keeps you hanging on wanting more? I can’t wait to read more from The Soul Warrior’s world.

The Soul Warrior is one book that I definitely recommend to all fans of fantasy, time travel plus a whole lot more. One-click your copy of The Soul Warrior today to begin this wonderfully amazing story!  

This is Adrian Rose Spear, author of The Soul Warrior. I was born in Sacramento, California where I had quite a rollercoaster of a childhood. By the time I was 15, I had been in foster care for eight years and was lucky enough to reunite with my biological parents. I worked in grocery stores for most of my working career and doing so helped put me through college. in 2019, I graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a BA in History. Recently, my husband and I moved to eastern Virginia where I have had the pleasure of working at some amazing living history museums. My love of history made an impact on this novel. I truly wanted to make it authentic as possible, with room to allow for the fantasy of course. I have always considered myself a strong, independent, and hardworking woman who has overcome many things and I am delighted to share my imagination with the world!

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Adrian said...

Thank you so much for that amazing review! It truly makes me happy that I was able to take you on an adventure just by reading my story! Any questions? Book Two is on its way!

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