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by Khaled Talib

GENRE: Thriller


Laurence Turner, a pharmacist from Sydney, is wracked with guilt after his fiancé dies on a sailing trip. The tragedy is followed by yet another fatal incident when he dispenses the wrong medication to a customer.

Laurence moves to the Clare Valley in South Australia for a fresh start, but when he stumbles across the dead body of a visiting American reporter, things take a turn for the worst.

The case explodes into far more than Laurence could ever expect with the arrival of a beautiful American woman, Skyler Hawthorne. Her troubles put Laurence in the path of both domestic and foreign agents, including a dangerous Russian spy who believes Laurence is hiding a secret.


Police spotlights on tripods illuminated the grassy patch in front of the barn as a team of forensics specialists compiled evidence. A huddling crowd of shadowed faces stood behind the formal lines in a murmuring susurration.

Laurence, standing beside a sullen Sebastian, struggled to give his statement to two constables as the scenario of finding the dead body of Matthew Callahan replayed in his mind. He felt the feeling of self-blame creeping in, and began to wonder why he felt this way. His luck in life was so bad he expected to spend the night in jail. Some relief came to him when the two public servants withdrew after they were done.

Roy and company approached and huddled near Laurence, launching a series of ridicule at him. He ignored them until their words became a fading whimper amidst the rustling leaves.

Barry stood away from the group, the spotlights reflecting him talking to an average built man in a leather jacket and jeans, no doubt a detective. Moments later, Barry approached intently in Laurence’s direction, accompanied by the other man.

Laurence, this is Brevet Sergeant Alex Brown,” Barry said in a tone of seriousness as he tilted his head towards the sturdy police officer. “He’s got questions for ya.”

Laurence folded his arms. “Again? I’ve already given a statement to the constables earlier,” he said without hiding his annoyance.

Just in case you missed out on something,” the brevet sergeant said.

Laurence smirked.

Yeah, talk to the copper, you dirty cunt! Not a fucking coincidence he found the body! He’s the killer!” Roy interrupted.

My Review:

Spiral is spiraling out of control with twists after twists with murder, kidnapping, secrets, and lies that keep the pages rolling right up to the end. Laurence Turner, a pharmacist, life is filled with tragedy. Where ever he turns something sinister seems to be waiting around the corner.

Laurence moves to Clare Valley in South Australia after the death of his Fiancé in a sailing accident. Laurence is hoping for a new start on life in Clare Valley but death seems to follow him around. Just as Laurence is arriving in Clare Valley he happens upon a dead body.

Then he happens upon a beautiful young woman Skylar Hawthorne. Skylar’s arrival puts Laurence in the path of some very dangerous people, both domestic and foreign agents, and a dangerous Russian spy.

Spiral doesn’t lack for action or suspense as it keeps you in the dark from page one. It will have you hooked with twists after twists hanging on for more and more as each secret is revealed one after another. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. There was this one big gigantic twist that I never saw coming it was a big shocker. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

I would recommend Spiral to anyone who likes thriller, sinister, with lots of action books! One-click your copy of Spiral today for an ominous adventure!  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Khaled Talib is a former magazine journalist and public relations consultant. He has authored four novels since 2013. Born and raised in Singapore, the author is a member of the International Thriller Writers.

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