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Review: Kissing Secrets by Lynn Robin @LynnRobinAuthor

Kissing Secrets

Kissing Monsters #7

by Lynn Robin

Published: February 16, 2021

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Dark Fantasy


Zane is standing in front of Kiss, a breathing shield to protect her against everything and anything, everyone and anyone.

But he can’t shield her from the truth.

No. Not even he can.

The Angel Made of Fire is still alive.

He has survived the attack of the Nightmares—but he holds Kiss and Zane responsible for the chaos that has been unleashed upon heaven and earth, demanding of them to find a solution.

No matter the fact that neither of them ever meant for this to happen; 

No matter the fact that it has all been done out of love.

As Skylar realizes she is losing control over the Nightmares, she struggles to tighten her grasp and starts to realize she has given Julian far more power than he should ever have received.

A tentative trust blooms to life between her and August, but are they strong enough to stand up against Julian, the former Monster of Cages?

Secrets. Betrayal. Lies.

Angels. Monsters. Nightmares.

It all began with a kiss.

It will all end with another one.

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My Review:

Kissing Secrets is filled with secret after secret that I never ever expected. And a betrayal that I never saw coming either. A betrayal that left me wounded. A betrayal that touched me deeply. I felt so bad for Kiss but I admired her so much more afterward. Kiss has a heart of gold.

The trouble that the angels are in has been blamed upon Zane and Kiss. Zane and Kiss are working on a solution for the angels. They will do whatever it takes to save the angels.

Skylar has finally realized that her kiss is leaving behind monsters and not angels. Is she able to do what is necessary to stop her nightmares from becoming reality? Is she strong enough?

Lock is still the same person he has always been the same monster. He is still trying to get his hands on Kiss. He is still trying to control people, monsters or whomever he can. You know I thought Skylar just may have been the one to save him as I do believe that most deserve a second chance. But I guess the question is. Can Lock be saved?

Kiss and Zane have been through so much. They are just like everyone else they just want to be loved and to have a normal life and not have monsters constantly chasing after them. And not have a wrench thrown in their way whatever direction they turn. A wrench that changes their lives forever.

I love this Kissing Monsters world so much. It will always and forever be with me. I will always carry a piece of it with me wherever I go tucked away somewhere a corner of my brain waiting for me to take it out on occasion so that I can relive this wondrous world of monsters and their love for one another.

As always I highly recommend Kissing Secrets all the Kissing Monsters books before it. One-click your copy of Kissing Secrets today! Be sure to check out the rest of the books in this fabulous world. 

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