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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Nuclear Power Nuclear Game by Helen Huang @GoddessFish


Nuclear Power Nuclear Game

by Helen Huang

GENRE: Political Thriller


The year is 1950. Zoe and John, two young nuclear scientists from Berkeley, seem to have the perfect life, with promising careers and marriage plans. But their innocence is soon shattered when the Chinese Communist Party seizes power. Choosing to postpone the wedding and return back to her home country, Zoe finds herself locked in a political cage and separated from John indefinitely.

Caught in a complex web of revolutionary propaganda and forced to participate in dangerous research, Zoe must confront the looming question of where her true loyalties lie: with her country or with John back in America?

Set during China's march towards nuclear power amidst the political turmoil of the Cold War, Nuclear Power Nuclear Game spans multiple decades and countries across the globe to tell the story of two nuclear scientists' fight for world peace and a love torn apart by conflicting ideologies.


She stared at him, wanting to express her gratitude. “Thank you for all the help you have given me. I have really enjoyed spending time with you—the food, the conversation, the laughter.”

Igor was so thrilled that his eyes enlarged like ping pong balls. He moved his body toward her, his hands pulling her into him, and his lips brushed against hers. Caught by surprise, she melted into his embrace and responded with equal fervor. The unexpected kiss broke through the wall of shyness between them, opening her lonely heart to his until footsteps in the corridor pulled them apart.

He leaned back in his seat and looked at her, a smile creeping over his face. “Our relationship took a big leap forward today,” he said, like a marriage counselor commenting on his latest session.

It had all progressed so suddenly that Zoe was left feeling rather shocked. She looked at the door, double checking that they were truly alone. Her gaze shifted to his childish face, longing for her approval, and something about it touched the soft spot of her heart. Igor was fairly sensitive, and she didn’t want to hurt his confidence. Smiling, she said calmly with a touch of humor, “Do you always say that after you kiss a girl?”

No, no.” Igor shook his head and smiled shyly. He must not have had a girlfriend for years, she thought, otherwise he wouldn’t say something like that. It made her feel romantic again, an emotion she thought she had buried the day she burned John’s letters. Maybe she had finally found a man to love again, she thought. Her mind drifted to her and John’s relationship, realizing with a start that it had been nine years now since they’d kissed each other goodbye at the docks. Surely John would have given up on her. Even if he was still waiting, there was no way she would ever be allowed to leave China and reunite with him. She glanced at the portrait on the wall, taking in the unbearable pressure radiating from Chairman Mao’s eyes. The political slogans on the walls seemed like red-hot metal chains forming an invisible cage. She sighed, silently wishing for John to find a new life, a new love, and grant her forgiveness. It would almost certainly be for the best.

She took a deep breath, releasing some pressure. She could still feel the fullness of his lips, the taut muscles of his arms around her, the warmth of his breath on her cheek. She imagined that Dad and Mama would accept him easily, because he was from Russia, an ally country. And surely security wouldn’t be an issue either. She felt herself growing in optimism at the prospect of a new relationship taking root, a possibility she had not even bothered to entertain in so long. She put a peanut in her mouth, enjoying its fragrant taste, and smiled at him.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born and raised in Shanghai, Helen Huang now resides in Melbourne, Australia. Nuclear Power Nuclear Game is her first novel, inspired by her own experience living under the Communist regime and working at a nuclear institute in China.

To be a novelist was Helen’s childhood dream. She started writing Nuclear Power Nuclear Game when she was a housewife looking after her four daughters. It took her sixteen years to write, as she raised her children and grew her house design and construction business. Helen hopes to finish a sequel to Nuclear Power Nuclear Game next year.








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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

helen huang said...

Thank you Sherry.
I'm a very luck mother having a team of four daughters' support behind. Since they were little, I started telling them about China and my personal experience in China. And for sixteen years, this book has accompanied me going through many difficult times. I'm glad I have finally turned the words into a book. It's a gift to them and also the people in free world that we should continue fighting and defending our liberty, equality and freedom.
Hope you will be entertained by this book containing the intriguing elements of espionage, politics, romance and history.
With warmest regards