Friday, October 8, 2021

Review: AWAKEN: MONARCH RISING: BOOK ONE by Sylvana Candela


by Sylvana Candela

Published: September 27, 2021

Publisher: Peaceful World Publishing

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction


In a dystopian future, greed and corruption have led to the rise of the Council. Together, with the Lords and the Masters, they rule over the people of One World, whom they regard as their slaves. The Council fears an uprising if the people were ever to awaken to their true powers, therefore, they constantly devise more evil and invasive means of "dumbing and numbing" the populace to weaken their free will.

Two rogue leaders, Lord Kookie and the Major, are determined to free the world from servitude. They team up with a few courageous people - and a Monarch butterfly named Angel - on a mission to fight the evil forces of the Council, and return the people of One World to a life of freedom.

MONARCH RISING: AWAKEN, the first in the trilogy, begins with an outbreak of Ebola, and the revelation of the Council's true agenda. In a race against time, Kookie, the Major, and their group of rebel friends are out to stop the Council from committing mass genocide.


My Review:

Awaken: MONARCH RISING: BOOK ONE is a great introduction to a brand new world. A virus is about to be released upon the people that will thin out the population. The high council members need to thin out the world in order to keep the people under their control so they release a virus upon them.

They are afraid of the people. They are afraid that the more people they are in the world the smarter they will be together and they will start figuring out what is going on. What they are doing. That sooner or later they will start to fight back against all the unfair rules they have put in place. Rules that keep them, slaves. They are afraid that the more people that are in the world, the more of them will start to awaken that their powers will make their selves known to them.

Kookie and Major take it upon themselves to fight against the council and take back their freedom. Kookie and Major want to save the world from the council. Kookie and Major meet a group of people on their life-saving journey that wants the same things. Kookie, Major, and this group join forces to fight the evil council and hopefully take back their freedom.

Awaken: MONARCH RISING: BOOK ONE grabbed my attention from the summary and once I opened it and turned to that first page I was instantly lost between its pages as I was drawn into its depths not able to see daylight until I turned the last page.

Awaken: MONARCH RISING: BOOK ONE was so vividly written that I could see each and every scene play out in my head as if it was real and I was one of the characters. The world-building was so brilliantly done it just came alive right on the page and the characters all seemed so real.

I sorely enjoyed reading Awaken: MONARCH RISING: BOOK ONE and can’t wait to read more from this new world. I can’t wait to hear more from these characters and to see where they are headed in the future.

I highly recommend Awaken: MONARCH RISING: BOOK ONE to all dystopian fans! One-click your copy of Awaken: MONARCH RISING: BOOK ONE and join Kookie and Major on their journey to take back their freedom and save the world today!

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