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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Country Hearts by Gisèle L Grieves @GoddessFish


Country Hearts

by Gisèle L Grieves

GENRE: Romance


Jenny's life revolves around three very important things: being a mom, a wife, and a rancher; until one day, the unthinkable happens.

Journey with Jenny as she faces some of the hardest obstacles but also the most incredible moments of her life. Just as she feels her days are at their darkest, a special person comes into her life, and brightens it all up.



Life as a wife, mom and rancher are all Jenny lives and breathes, until one day, the unthinkable happens.

Journey with Jenny as she faces some of the hardest obstacles and most incredible moments of her life. When her days can’t get any darker, watch as one special person comes into her life just at the right moment and brightens it all up.

Jenny!?! Have you seen my keys? I’m gonna be late if I can’t find those blasted keys!”

And so, Monday begins. How is it that one man can lose his keys so often? We have a key holder in the entrance for the express purpose of hanging keys so we’ll know where they are the next time we need them. So why is it, our Mondays always start with David looking for his keys?

Did you check your coat pockets?” I yell back, from across the house. Let’s see ... kids’ lunches are made, their clothes are laid out, David has his lunch ... no, wait ... Oh goodness, no, he doesn’t. “Your lunch is still on the counter too!” I add. The man drives me absolutely crazy. I swear he is more absent-minded than the kids sometimes.

Shit,” I hear him utter under his breath.

I found your keys! They are on the counter next to your lunch.”

David comes running into the kitchen. “Thanks, babe”— he kisses me and runs off—“I’d be lost without you.”

Okay, where was I? Get the kids on the bus, then on to my farm chores ... Check on the cows and horses, make sure the water is full, give them another hay bale, oats for the horses, new mineral block needs to go into the corral, collect the eggs, and the chickens may need more feed and water ... Get an oil change for the truck at one o’clock, grab some groceries, and be home on time at four o’clock for the bus drop off. All right, Jenny, you got this.

My Review:

Country Hearts is a great love story on so many different levels. Jenny is an amazing mom, wife, and rancher. Jenny is the mom of four beautiful kids. She loves her life and her family.

Everything is going great for Jenny until that awful day came and tragedy struck their lives. Life as they knew it was gone forever and now they will have to create a whole new life.

Country Hearts took me on a roller coaster of emotions ride. I was in tears almost the whole time I was reading it and even now while I am writing this review my heart is still so full for all of these wonderful and amazing characters and what life has thrown at them which they handle very well I might add.

I was in tears because I was very sad for them. I was in tears because I was happy for them. I also found myself in tears at how amazing this one character was. The things he did for that family had me in tears but these were actually good tears. This character will give you that warm and cozy feeling for just being a great person.

All the things that life kept throwing at Jenny good and bad kept me hooked from one page to the next and it never got boring. I just wanted to keep reading and before I knew it I had turned that last page and it was over. But that was ok as I felt Jenny, her four kids, and Sam’s story, or at least this leg of their journey came to a really nice ending.

Oh, I just have to mention that I was very glad to see the appearance of one of the characters, Ally from Gisèle L Grieves novel, Willow's Ridge. I can’t wait to read more from author Gisèle L Grieves.

I would like to highly recommend Country Hearts to all fans of romance and family life. One-click your copy of Country Hearts today for a romantic getaway! Oh, and don’t forget to check out Willow’s Ridge while you are there.  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Gisèle was born in a small town in Northern Ontario and now resides in the most southern part of the province. She has been married for 16 years and has 4 wonderful children. Gisèle has had many careers over the years, ranging from truck driving and selling insurance, to working in schools and cattle ranching. No job has ever mattered more to her than being a mom. Gisèle started writing to give her something to do once her kids were in bed. She also has a vivid imagination, and writing gives her a way to get her thoughts out. What started out as a guilty pleasure has turned into is something much bigger. She is excited to share this second novel with her readers.








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Sherry said...

Sounds like a good book.

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I like the excerpt and cover

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I enjoyed reading the excerpt and the book sounds like one I will enjoy! Thanks for sharing it with me and good luck with the tour! Thanks Avid Reader for sharing your great review with me!

Christi G. said...

I love the sexy cover. Thanks for the giveaway!