Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Review: Dead World by Alex Apostol @AlexApostol87

Dead World

Dead Soil Trilogy #3

by Alex Apostol

Published: October 26, 2021

Genre: Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Horror


The trilogy comes to its final conclusion in Dead World. Survivors have dwindled to almost nothing as the zombies spent the last year wiping out humanity. While many in the group hide out in the newfound underground bunker society, a select few have taken up the job of saving the world. They head to a laboratory in downtown Chicago rumored to be up and running and working on a vaccine for the zombie virus. Christine is sure Liam's journal holds the key to helping them create the saving cure. But life on the road in a zombie-ridden world has its own plans. When one of her own is turned it becomes a race against the clock to make sure the cure is discovered and distributed. Will they make it in time or will the world succumb to its dark fate of living death?

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My Review:

Christine and Zack make their way to Chicago where there is a lab working on a cure for the zombie virus. I don’t think Christine trust Liam’s journal which contains the cure or a vaccine for the virus to anyone else. She has to be the one who takes the journal to Chicago.

But on the other hand, she may just not want to risk anyone’s life. I mean the trip there will be hard with all the undead roaming around. When tragedy strikes a member of their group on the way to Chicago the race is on to get the cure in the right hands before it is too late.

In a zombie apocalypse, the undead is not the only thing Christine, Zack, and their friends have to worry about. No, the living can be a hassle to deal with as well. I mean you would think that in a zombie apocalypse it would be humans against zombies only but good people are not the only humans to have survived.

No there are some real bad living folks running around out there that just want to take from someone else instead of finding their own. They need to feel in control one way or another. Besides they don’t want to get their hands dirty so to speak cleaning out a warm, safe place. That would definitely be way too much hard work, right? They want to be in control of everything and everyone.

When I was reading Dead World I could see each and every character in my mind fighting zombies and humans alike. I could see each and every scene playing out as if I was right there submersed in the action of it all. I love zombie stories and I sorely hate that I have read the last book in the Dead Soil Trilogy. I can’t wait to check out more of Alex Apostol’s books.

Now the time has come for me to recommend Dead World to all those zombie fans out there. Oh, and I highly recommend Dead World. I would also recommend the first two books in the Dead Soil Trilogy as well. I do recommend reading them in order. So now I recommend that you one-click your copy of Dead Soil, Dead Road, and Dead World today for a great zombie adventure!

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