Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Review: The Tide of Her (The Sea of Her #3) by Lynn Robin @LynnRobinAuthor

The Tide of Her 

The Sea of Her #3

by Lynn Robin

Published: October 26, 2021

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror


The Twins are gone.

Leilani and Keanu have taken the Crown.

And they can’t let anyone find them.

The forces of the sea are keeping them on Cosmos Island, where they try hard not to get noticed and live their new life in secret, while keeping the Crown safe and out of anyone’s reach.

But Keanu sees danger in every face and every gesture, and Lei-lani is trying but failing to get answers from the sea. She has no idea what is expected from her, no idea where she’s supposed to go, what she’s supposed to do.

Or where to find the King of the Ocean.

Then Leilani and Keanu meet an enigmatic woman, who claims to have all the answers they need—but it soon appears to come at a cost which neither Leilani and Keanu are sure they can pay, es-pecially when it seems that while Leilani is growing stronger, Keanu only grows weaker and weaker still.

The King is lost.

A curse is unleashed.

Leilani’s identity is unraveled.

And Keanu’s past is watching them from the shadows.

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My Review:

Leilani and Keanu are living on Cosmos Island trying to keep their identities a secret from everyone as they are still being hunted. The evil twins are gone but are they truly gone? Who is hunting Leilani and Keanu? Will they ever get to lead the life they want and enjoy it?

They just want to live a normal life like everyone else and just be themselves. Live life without always looking over their shoulder. On Cosmos Island, they are just trying to get their lives back in order but things are not going as they had hoped.

Leilani’s powers are growing stronger and stronger every day but Keanu is getting weaker and weaker. He is seeing danger where ever he looks. What did the evil twins do to Keanu to make him? Leilani thought he was getting better but it looks as if he is not. Is Keanu hiding something from Leilani to keep her safe? Or does he just not want to worry her with everything else they have on their plate at the moment?

Leilani and Keanu meet this woman who says she is there to help them but is she really? Who is this woman? Is she who she says she is? Is she truly there to help them or is she just like everyone else always wanting something from them. Has she found out who Leilani is and what she can do? What is her true reason for helping them?

The Tide of Her takes us on another mysterious adventure with Leilani and Keanu. I enjoyed following along as Leilani and Keanu’s story was exposed with each turn of the page. The mystery and secrets alone are enough to keep the pages turning and holding my interest as each secret is slowly revealed from the moment I read that first page.

I can’t wait to dive into The Deep of Him the last book in The Sea of Her series to see how Leilani and Keanu’s stories come to a close even though I will be so sad to see their stories ending.

I highly recommend The Deep of Him to anyone who loves to get lost in the magic of the paranormal. So one-click your copy of The Deep of Him today for another great adventure!

I would also like to recommend The Sea of Her book one in the series and The Waves of Him book two in the series as well.  

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