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Review: Wind Wielder (Elementals of Nordica #1) by TC Marti

Wind Wielder

Elementals of Nordica #1

by TC Marti

Published: January 3, 2022

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Sword & Sorcery, Dystopia, Science Fiction


A secret censored throughout the modern age…

A cataclysmic riot leaves the fate of the world hanging by a thread

There are a lot of things Wind Wielder Sion Zona wished he had taken seriously. But the following facts he neglected display his sheer ignorance.

One, an ancient tribe within his Elemental race wiped from the pages of time still exists.

Two, Sion and a band of eight other Elementals are the final descendants from that ancient tribe and hold the key to preventing the masses from falling victim to a one-world government foretold in a banned set of ancient texts.

Three, the global superpower wants nothing more than to destroy Sion and the others before they discover their importance to humanity.

So yeah, there's no pressure in taking on a raging dictatorship.

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My Review:

Wind Wielder is the first book in the Elementals of Nordica series by TC Marti. Wind Wielder introduces us to a new world of Elementals. Elementals are mutants with special powers.

There are different elemental powers and one person can have more than one elemental power that is mostly revealed as they become stronger. There are like eight Elementals who are the final descendants of an ancient tribe. A tribe that was thought to have been erased from existence a long time ago.

After the war, there was a law passed stating that elementals or mutants were not allowed to use their powers. Most tried to keep their powers hidden but were unsuccessful. More and more mutants are letting their powers out into the world as time goes by. Anyone caught using magic and their identities revealed they are dealt with as the law states.

Mutants are gathering together to form an alliance against the global superpowers who want all mutants destroyed before they realize just how powerful they truly are to the world.

What I really liked about Wind Wielder was the mutants and their magical powers. I also enjoyed all the battles. I could see the mutants as each and everyone used their powers. I also liked when they were practicing with their powers.

I think my favorite character was Rajae or Raj as she prefers to be called. I like how she will stand up against anyone. She is tough and stands up for what she believes. Raj is great, stronger fighter.

My next favorite character is Sion. Sion is stronger and a very handsome man who knows who and what he is and he doesn't hide it.

Wind Wielder sort of reminded me of The Witcher and The Gifted. Wind Wielder would make for a great TV series.

I would recommend Wind Wielder to all fans of magic, fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, and sword & sorcery. One-click your copy of Wind Wielder today for an epic adventure and introduction to a brand new world!  

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