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Review: James Rhyder and the Cave of Dreams by David S. Brooks @ProfessorBD

James Rhyder and the Cave of Dreams

by David S. Brooks

Published: January 21, 2020

Publisher: Traveling Tales Press

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Children’s Book, Magic


Twelve-year-old James Rhyder is being hunted by people from a hidden world he never knew existed. Unlike most people his age, James doesn't dream at night of becoming a hero. Rather, his dreams are filled with shadowy figures and cryptic warnings about the end of the world. As these strange dreams begin to make James question if he's going crazy like his mother, a quirky girl named Rheyna Anwen whisks him away into an unseen world where psychics, druids, and magic are real. At first the enchanted cabins and unusual summer camp where new psions, known as psychics to the outside world, are trained feels unbelievable, like one of his mystifying dreams.

However, James soon discovers a secret about himself which threatens to turn this new life into a nightmare: his dreams are a dangerous and illegal talent known as dreamwalking. When a mysterious man in blue -who'd been stalking James all summer- kidnaps one of his cabinmates, his strange dreams may be the only way he can save his comrade.

Now, James must learn to trust his new friends, control his illegal psion talent, and put aside his insecurities. If he can't, much more could be at stake than just one missing camper.

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My Review:

Twelve-year-old James Rhyde’s life as he knows it is about to change forever. Someone has been following James for a long time. They have heard some very strange news about James that even he does not know. To keep James safe a new girl enters his life and whisk him away to a hidden world. A world full of magic and other people like himself.

James is taken to a camp for people with magical abilities. James soon learns that he himself is also special like the people at the camp. This camp teaches people like James how to use their magical abilities. James meets a lot of new and interesting people at the camp whom he soon becomes fast friends with.

I really enjoyed stepping into James’s world in James Rhyder and the Cave of Dreams. I loved learning about James’s magical ability as well as others. James Rhyder and the Cave of Dreams is filled with magic with plenty of action to keep the pages turning. The descriptions were so vivid I felt as if I was a part of James’s world. I enjoyed his trip along the way to the hidden world. I enjoyed meeting all the characters.

I would recommend James Rhyder and the Cave of Dreams to all fans of magic! I also recommend that you grab your copy of James Rhyder and the Cave of Dreams today for a magical adventure into a hidden world!

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