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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: For the Strange and Surprising by M.F. Adele @XpressoTours

For the Strange and Surprising: Where the Mongrels Are
M.F. Adele
(Where They Are, #1)
Publication date: August 27th 2021
Genres: Adult, Reverse Harem, Romance, Science Fiction

I’m a catastrophe waiting to happen—I always have been.

When a waterspout drops me on the shores of a seemingly deserted island, I soon realize that I’m not on Earth, and I’m not alone.

This new world is full of dangers, from sea monsters and feuding tribes to poisonous food and beasts that lurk in the shadows. None of those things are as dangerous as the Mongrel men appointed to guard and teach me.

All I want to do is go home, but the island has no intentions of letting me leave.

I’ll be forced to interact with total strangers to survive this perilous land surrounded by treacherous waters.

My dreams of happiness sink into the dark depths below as I struggle to save myself from certain death.

The Mongrels will learn that fear makes a person reckless.

My name is Adelaide Storm.
But they’ll call me Ada Stormbrave.

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My Review:

For the Strange and Surprising is a brand new start to a brand new world and what an amazing new world it is too. For the Strange and Surprising introduces us to some great and awesome new characters and their world.

For the Strange and Surprising pulled me into its world from the first page and the more I read the more questions I had. For the Strange and Surprising likes to hold on to all its secrets revealing them very slowly one at a time. We got the story as the characters themselves got it.

For the Strange and Surprising is told from multiple points of view. I love getting stories from different characters. With multiple points of view, you learn more about each character and their world that a newcomer may not know. You also get to know that character better and quicker.

For the Strange and Surprising opens with a young girl, Adelaide Storm aka Ada all alone on a fishing boat. Ada is grieving the loss of her mother who died several years back and the recent death of her father. Ada’s father would take her out on the boat fishing every year on the day her mother died.

So now we find Ada here alone fishing and grieving for her father as she is swept away into a storm or was it? All Ada knows is that she is being swept into a sea of darkness. Something grabbed a hold of her and just threw her into a dark abyss of sorts and she awakens on unfamiliar land.

Ada has no idea where she is. She doesn’t know if she is on Earth or another planet or maybe another realm. All she knows at the moment is that she has been taken hostage so to speak by some very burly, frightening-looking creatures.

At this point, I had so many questions like who were these creatures? What do they want with Ada? Where were they taking her? Can she trust them? Were they going to kill her? Where was she? How did she get there exactly? The more I read the more questions I had. Would Ada ever make it back to her home? Could she escape from these creatures? If she did where would she go? What would she do in a strange land?

A very interesting and intriguing story that I am anxious to read more of from this world and its characters.

Grab a copy of For the Strange and Surprising of your own to find the answers to all the questions that I had asked myself in the beginning.

Author Bio:

M.F. Adele resides in the outskirts of the Rocket City in Alabama. She lives in her overactive imagination, often fueled by caffeine and no sleep. When she isn’t writing, M.F. is outdoors with her family, obsessing over spicy margaritas and cigars, or reading books by her favorite authors.

If you’re looking for M.F. Adele, you can find her on social media in her group:

M.F. Adele's Hellacious Hybrids.

M.F. loves to interact with her readers, hear character theories, and share embarrassing stories.

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Giselle said...

This sounds like compelling and fun read! Glad you liked it! :)

Marcy Meyer said...

Sounds like a good story. I enjoyed the review. The cover looks really good.