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Review: Better Dead Than Red (A Zombie Vale Novella) by Nic Roads @NicRoads

Better Dead Than Red

A Zombie Vale Novella

by Nic Roads

Published: January 30, 2022

Genre: Horror, Zombies, Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller





Living on the streets of Oklahoma, Brian Williams is haunted by a long history of personal failures. But he’s offered one last chance to repair his broken past.

A mysterious organization is recruiting test subjects for a scientific experiment. Participants will receive a generous cash reward, more than enough for Brian to finally rebuild his life. Along with a handful of his homeless friends, Brian jumps at the opportunity. But there’s a catch.

To earn the reward, Brian and his motley crew must hike through the jungle of a faraway deserted island… while something unspeakable and relentless hunts them down.

A hellish, undead nightmare awaits Brian and his friends, deep in the jungle, when their casual hike turns into a bloody, desperate quest for survival. Will they make it out alive?

Better Dead Than Red is a standalone zombie apocalypse novella set in Nic Roads’ expanding, hair-raising, post-apocalyptic Zombie Vale series. If you like smart, edge-of-your-seat and high-octane zombie thrillers like Mark Tufo’s Zombie Fallout, David Simpson’s Zombie Road, and Christopher Artinian’s The End of Everything, discover Nic Roads’ addictive new undead universe. You won’t be able to stop reading.


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My Review:

Brian Williams is a homeless man who has been living on the streets of Oklahoma for a while now. Then one day right out of the blue he and a few of his friends are given a great opportunity to earn a few dollars. Brian knows exactly what he is going to do with his part of the money.

He is going to try and fix his past. Brian has been looking for an opportunity like this for a while so when presented with this opportunity he jumped on board real quick-like.

All they have to do is surfer through a few scientific experiments. In order for them to receive the money, Brian and his friends must make it through a jungle on a deserted island. Easy peasy, right? Well, except for the hike itself, right? Well, I guess nothing is that is, right?

Once Brian and his friends are dropped off and they start out on their journey strange things start to happen. Like some of their companions start to feast on each other and the next thing Brian knows is that he is running for his life and fighting the undead.

Yeah, his friends died but now they have come back to life. Or well, not exactly but they are up and running. They are no longer alive but they are not dead either. They are undead. They are zombies. Yes! Real live zombies!

And they are fast. Brian is now having to run through the jungle if he wants to stay alive. Before he was questioning whether he would be able to make it just walking all the way to the end of the trail but he was determined to earn the money he and his friends were promised. Brian wanted so much to turn his life around, to finally do the right thing.

When I read the summary for Better Dead Than Red, like Brian, I jumped at the chance to read it. I knew from that summary alone that I would like it. There was no doubt in my mind as I love me some zombies. I can’t get enough of zombies.

And like the first book Dom of the Dead, I read in the Zombie Vale series, the second book Better Dead Than Red was just as awesome and amazing. Both stories pulled me in from the beginning but I do think that I did like Better Dead Than Red just a smidgen of a bit better than Dom of the Dead.

Brian and Shen were the best characters and the best of friends. Brian was an amazing person. Always helping someone else and putting them first in any situation. Brian had a great big heart. But so did Shen. Shen was young but I do think he tried the best he knew how. He was a great friend to Brian.

Once I picked up Better Dead Than Red and read that first page there was no way I could lay it down until I had read the last page. Oh, man, there were some of the best zombies ever chasing Brian and Shen through that jungle, giving both men a run for their money or trying to take the money, right, maybe, LOL. I could just see Brian and Shen as they raced through that jungle trees thick on both sides with barely a trial to be seen. I would love to see the Zombie Vale series on the big screen as a series!

I highly recommend Better Dead Than Red to all zombie fans! One-click your copy of Better Dead Than Red today and step into the world of zombies!

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