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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Kiki Coto by Edward Avanessy @GoddessFish

Kiki Coto

by Edward Avanessy

GENRE: Supernatural Thriller, Suspense


Richard, (Kiki Coto) is destined to fight corruption, and criminal organizations, whose members include politicians, judges, district attorneys, police, and others, to exonerate an innocent young lady wrongfully accused of murder. He is fighting an impossible battle. The criminals are very organized, interconnected, and conspire with each other methodically. Struggling to defeat the evil, Richard seeks help from all sources, including Ayahuasca and Divine intervention.

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If he killed a police chief and his family, why didn’t the police arrest him again?” asked Cathy.

No one dares to testify against him,” said one of the elders. “Besides, there were police officers in his gang.”

I heard that he even killed his own father,” said one of the elders. “That is ridiculous!” exclaimed Cathy very angrily. “You have ganged up against me!”

The elder asked Flore in Spanish who Cathy was.

I guess we can tell them the truth now. She is Bill’s sister,” replied Flore in Spanish.

Everyone was suddenly very scared. While trembling, they started apologizing and telling Cathy they were sorry for what was said and promised that they would never say anything bad about her brother. They asked Cathy not to tell Bill about the conversation. Bill still had a big operation in Mexico, and he could have them all killed. Flore translated everything for Cathy, word by word.

Cathy remembered Terza asking her not to tell Bill that she had talked to her.

She said to Flore, “Please assure everyone that we won’t say anything to Bill. All we wanted was the truth, and unfortunately, we got the bitter truth.”

After that, Cathy was very sad and silent. She left shortly after and told Richard that she had heard enough and she would wait for them in the car. On their way back, everyone was quiet. Cathy had learned the true nature of her brother. Instead of thinking of him as a nice, caring, and benevolent person, she now knew he was a criminal.

Don’t be sad, mom. We won’t socialize with Uncle Bill anymore,” Mary said.

Don’t call him Uncle Bill. He is a criminal. I disown him,” said Cathy. “I was living a lie all my life. I was always proud of my brother. Everyone knew me as Bill’s sister, but that made me happy and proud. It was like I did not exist outside that SOB’s world. They even said that he may have killed my father. Can you imagine that? If this is true, every time that I talk to him like the nice man, I thought he was, every time I treated him like a brother, it was like I was approving of what he might have done.”

First of all, we don’t know if he killed Grandpa,” said Richard. “The guy said he heard that he killed his own father. He was not sure. So maybe it is not true. Even if, God forbid, it is true, you didn’t know about it. How else would you treat him?” Then he asked his mom, “What are we going to tell Dad?”

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"The different episodes of this book were projected to me, like movie clips during meditation sessions. I was compelled to visit a Shaman retreat in Cusco, Peru, and experience Ayahuasca to complete the manuscript. I hope you enjoy the results, the story of Kiki Coto." - Edward Avanessy

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