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Review: Golem by P.D. Alleva @PdallevaAuthor


by P.D. Alleva

Published: October 5, 2021

Publisher: Quill and Birch Publishing, LLC

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal


"An extraordinary psychological horror book. Excellently written, with a twisted, spiraling, unexpected end that will leave you speechless." ~ TBM Horror Experts

Detective. Angel. Victim. Devil.

A haunting tale of suspense, loss, isolation, contempt, and fear.

On November 1, 1951, war hero John Ashton was promoted to detective. His first assignment: find the district attorney's missing daughter. But his only lead is Alena Francon, a high society sculptor and socialite committed to Bellevue's psychiatric facility.

Alena has a story for the new detective. A story so outlandish John Ashton refuses to heed the warning. Alena admits to incarnating Golem, a demonic force, into her statue. A devil so profound he's infiltrated every part of New York's infrastructure. Even worse, he uses children to serve as bodily hosts for his demonic army, unleashing a horde of devils into our world.

When Alena's confidant, Annette Flemming, confirms the existence of Golem, John is sent on a collision course where fate and destiny spiral into peril, and the future of the human race hangs in the balance.

The Devil Is In The Details!

Fans of The Silence of the Lambs, Mexican Gothic, Clive Barker, John Connolly, Stephen King, and Anne Rice will be fascinated by this edge of your seat psychological horror thriller with a story that rips out the heart of humanity and throws it on a slab to be feasted on.

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My Review:

John Ashton has just been promoted to detective. John was very happy to have received this promotion. It will help out a lot since his wife is pregnant. John’s first case is to find the district attorney’s missing daughter. John’s first lead takes him to Bellevue’s psychiatric facility to meet Alena Francon.

Alena’s story is a little eccentric. She is not sure John will believe her story. I can only imagine that this one particular story may have been what landed her in Bellevue’s psychiatric facility in the first place. But Alena’s story is the only lead the detective has at this time.

What Alena doesn’t know is that the detective has a few secrets up his sleeve as well. As a reader, it was hard for me to tell if Alena’s story was real or not as it seemed so impossible.

Golem is told in different parts as Alena’s story takes us back in time to the day she introduces us to Golem himself. Golem is a very dark and disturbing story that will scare the bejesus out of you.

When I read the summary for Golem I knew right away that I had to read after seeing the references to Stephen King, Clive Barker, Anne Rice, and The Silence of the Lambs. I love horror stories, especially Stephen King. I will read anything he has written without ever reading the summary.

As I was reading Golem I could see each and every scene playing out in my head as if I was a part of the story itself. I could just picture most scenes as a dark, misty, and gloomy night. And for some reason, I keep picturing Golem wearing a black cape with a hood obscuring his face in darkness as he is surrounded by a swirling fog on a dark, misty night.

I would recommend Golem to all fans of horror! One-click your copy of Golem today for a spine-chilling adventure!

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