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Review: The Rose Vol 2 by P.D. Alleva @PdallevaAuthor

The Rose Vol 2.

by P.D. Alleva

Published: December 21, 2021

Publisher: Quill and Birch Publishing, LLC

Genre: Science Fiction, Aliens, Dystopian, Thriller, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Fantasy


The story continues. Beginning at the conclusion of Vol 1, The Rose Vol 2 follows rebel freedom fighter, Phil as he battles alien vampire Sanos. Phil’s mission is to follow Sanos into the depths of hollow earth to infiltrate Drac City and rescue Sandy from the clutches of the alien vampires.

Sandy awakens in Drac City and discovers she has powers she never knew existed. But where these changes came from is an enigma, a puzzle she’ll need to put aside until she finds her missing son, Adam. Now a guest among a city of alien vampires, Sandy must engage in a diabolical manipulation with alien vampire leader, Moth, the only vampire who knows the whereabouts of Adam.

Sanos requires Phil, the rebel freedom fighter who tore through the underground medical complex and brought chaos and mayhem with him. Sanos needs to overcome the shame Phil brought to alien vampires in the underground complex and reestablish trust with COR, the alien vampire commission in charge of operations on planet Earth. But to do so Phil is required, dead or alive is no matter to Sanos, he desires to gain favor with COR no matter what the cost. COR has the formula Sanos craves more than power and control. The formula is his ticket to new blood and his reign over his species and the universe.

Travel into the depths of hollow earth, across the globe, and beneath the ocean for a scifi fantasy extravaganza of blood, carnage, life, death and the eternal battle between good and evil.

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My Review:

The Rose Vol 2. picks up where The Rose Vol 1. left off. In The Rose Vol 1. Sandy had been taken hostage by the aliens. When the aliens took Sandy hostage she was pregnant. Sandy kept this quiet for as long as possible from the aliens as she didn’t know what they would do to her baby.

Now in The Rose Vol 2. Sandy has given birth to a baby boy, Adam. The aliens did as she feared, they took her baby from her. Sandy knows he is still alive as she can feel him but she doesn’t know exactly where he is but she will never give up looking for her baby if it is the last thing she ever does.

The aliens have come to Earth to take over. The humans have fought back. I don’t think the aliens ever believed that taking Earth would be so hard as they thought they could just waltz in and take over immediately. They never thought the humans would or could fight so hard.

I love the new take on vampires. The vampires are the aliens from another planet who comes to Earth to take over. The Rose Vol 2. is a very intense and captivating read that kept me hooked from the first page. When I opened The Rose Vol 2. and began to read I was pulled in deeper and deeper and I soon found myself lost between its pages as the world around me disappeared.

I liked that we got the story from more than one character. I liked that the story kept going back and forwards between each character so we could get to know each character as they each fought their own battles. I would very much like to read more from this world and all the characters in future books.

The Rose Vol 2. was such an enthralling read that I would highly recommend it to all vampire and alien fans. Grab your copy of The Rose Vol 2. today for a new twist on vampires and aliens!

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The Rose Vol 1.




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