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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Andy Gets Angry by Mike J Masse @GoddessFish


Andy Gets Angry

Book One in the 'Emotions and Me' series

by Mike J. Masse

Illustrated by Emily Corbett

GENRE: Children’s, (picture book) Contemporary


Children can develop the ability to respond to their emotions in a healthy way through the practice of mindfulness. Andy Gets Angry is a great introduction for children to learn a fun and simple breath technique to respond to their emotions. The beautifully hand-painted illustrations provide the perfect landscape to tell the story of Andy and his journey in learning the wonderful skill of mindfulness. Share the book with your loved ones, and help us all plant the seed to be present!




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February 1 - 28, 2022


Andy doesn’t like being angry, mad, or frustrated – he hates how it makes him feel. Sometimes he feels angry in his face. Sometimes he feels angry in his hands. Other times, he feels angry in his stomach and even in his mind.

Andy later feels bad about some of the things he said or did when he was angry. He felt bad after he yelled at Bobby, and he felt bad after he slammed the door on Sierra… and he felt bad after the one time he told his dad that he didn’t like him anymore. And that didn’t just make Andy angry. It also made him feel sad.

My Review:

Andy gets angry at his brother, sister, parents, and other times too. Andy doesn’t like getting angry all the time. He doesn’t like how it makes him feel. He doesn’t like upsetting his family either.

Andy learns a great way to help him overcome his anger. He also learns that it is ok to have feelings. It is ok to feel anger or to feel sad or to feel bad about something. Andy also learns that he can learn to control his anger. He learns that he can change the way he feels.

Andy Gets Angry is a great way to teach children how to deal with their feelings. It teaches them that it is ok to feel whatever they are feeling but if they don’t like how they are feeling that they have the power to change how they are feeling.

Andy Gets Angry is a great way for parents to help their children with their feelings. The beautifully hand-painted illustrations will also help children to learn how to deal with their feelings.

One-click your child a copy of this beautifully hand-painted illustrated book Andy Gets Angry today to help teach him or her that it is ok to feel whatever they are feeling and how to deal with those feeling whatever they may be!  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Mike Masse is a mindfulness consultant and public speaker who specializes in mindfulness-based stress reduction. For over a decade, he has been teaching adults, youth, and children mindfulness skills to help reduce their levels of stress and anxiety. A highly sought-after trainer, Mike facilitates workshops with educators, first responders, health care providers, and others who work in high-stress environments. Mike lives in Stratford, Ontario with his two sons and his wife.




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