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Review: It's an Undead Thing by Alex Apostol @AlexApostol87

It's an Undead Thing

Zooey Zombie #1

by Alex Apostol

Published: October 25, 2016

Publisher: The Quivering Quill Press

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombies, Horror


Zooey Beckett isn't like other girls. For starters, she's a zombie.

After the zombie plague broke out, the government did their best to keep the monsters under control until a cure was created. After months of roaming the Boston Common, Zooey awakes to find herself in a strange place with men in labcoats. She is no longer a zombie, but what they now call "The Undead". During her three weeks in the Undead Ward treatment center, she shuffles around and learns what life outside has in store for her (and it's not pretty). Meeting the others and hearing their stories, she begins to question the lessons they're being taught by the staff that seem to recoil at the sight of them. One by one, the Undead disappear behind a pair of black double doors if they dare to question the treatment they're being provided. Can Zooey survive the three weeks to make it back home?

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My Review:

I am having a hard time deciding where to start my review of It's an Undead Thing by Alex Apostol the first book in the Zooey Zombie series. After giving it some thought I guess the beginning would be a great place.

It's an Undead Thing opens with a few men hunting zombies to take to the lab to be given the zombie virus and one of the men is taken by surprise by a zombie and is bitten.

It's an Undead Thing opens with a bang and never stops. I love the new twists on the zombies. It's an Undead Thing starts after a zombie outbreak instead of before. It starts at the end of the zombie apocalypse instead of the beginning with a cure for the zombie virus.

Zombies are made human again or sort of with this new cure. A cure has been created to bring the zombies back to life again or undead. Meaning they are no longer dead but not quite alive either.

It's an Undead Thing is a new and very interesting, new world to me. I feel like, (It's an Undead Thing), where have you been hiding all these years. The world that was created for It's an Undead Thing is so brilliant and amazing, in my book that is. I love zombies and am so glad I finally found this little gem.

I can’t wait to dive into the next book So Over the Undead to read more of this amazing world of zombies and the undead. I can’t wait to read more of Zooey’s life and find out where she is going next and how she is going to handle her new life as one of the undead.

I loved It's an Undead Thing so much that I highly recommend it to all zombie fans! One-click your copy of It's an Undead Thing for a new twist on zombies! 

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