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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Turbulent Skies by Ronald A. Fabick @GoddessFish

Turbulent Skies

by Ronald A. Fabick

GENRE: Action/Adventure Thriller


Flight 182 crashes in San Diego, everyone aboard is killed, including Reza Roshtti, who is on his way to present the final plans for a top secret project to his employer, California Robotics. Giti Roshtti appears on a newscast after the doomed flight, Jaffar Hamid Harraj is smitten with the bereaved widow who lives across the globe in the United States.

When Jack Coward, an ex-marine turned private investigator, is hired to find out everything he can about this beautiful woman, Jack sets in motion circumstances that bring Giti and Jaffar together. Unfortunately for Giti, Jaffar Harraj has a deep, dark secret. Jaffar is not only a senior member of the Islamic Hamas Movement, but a psychotic killer.

Jaffar's aim is to use Giti's U.S. citizenship as a mechanism through which he can establish inroads into the United States, the Great Satan of the western world and land of the infidels. One of the missions of Islamic Hamas is to spread terror throughout the United States.

The United States newest lettered agency, NATA or National Anti-Terrorist Agency has some new recruits, Jack Coward and his life-long friend Don Ziegler. They team up with other members of NATA, including ex-Air Force Lieutenant Michelle Hough, to try and discover the plans of Jaffar and the Islamic Hamas, and how Giti is involved in the two.

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On the way to the funeral, as he sat in the passenger seat, Donny looked over at Jack and for a moment he was transported back to a place in their past, back to June, 1965 when the two of them arrived in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam on their first 13-month-long tour of duty. It was just after Jack’s twentieth birthday and both of them were relatively old for FNGs (fucking new guys); the average age of the men in the camp was nineteen.

It was their second patrol and they were about two miles from camp. During this armed trek through the jungle, each man extended his senses to the limit; eyes scanning for movement, ears searching like radar for unnatural sounds that would betray the presence of the enemy. Above, below and all around were the sounds of the jungle and the creatures that inhabited it; nerve-wracking chirps and squeaks and calls … nature or not? So hard to tell, yet to make a mistake meant sure death. Their own footfalls were almost silent on the moist, loamy soil as they made their way through the unfamiliar forest.

Suddenly, the almost surreal calm was shattered by the unmistakable sound of distant explosions coming from the direction of the camp. Instantly the low crackle of the radioman’s handset gave the orders for all patrols to return to camp and engage the enemy troops that were now firing mortar rounds at the compound. It took almost 15 minutes of quick marching through the jungle for the patrol to reach a clearing U.S. ground forces had been using as a landing zone, less than 200 yards away. This clearing was the point from which the North Vietnamese were launching their attack.

Jack’s platoon stopped on the near side of the clearing and watched as approximately 60 North Vietnamese soldiers fired round after round of mortars over the swath of trees that separated them from the U.S. military base. Their aim was deadly accurate.

Reacting quickly, the platoon almost instantly split into three squads: one squad to radio position and intentions to the base; one to transmit a ‘fix’ on the enemy; and, one to engage the enemy in a direct assault across the 150-yard wide clearing. Two squads would retreat 20 yards or so back into the bush to circle and outflank the enemy, both acutely aware that the North Vietnamese would have men guarding their rear flank.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Ronald Fabick was inspired to start writing when an author told him, "If you can read a book, you can write a book". Within two weeks he had the first chapter of Turbulent Skies written.

Prior to becoming an author, Ron spent over thirty years as a Senior Structural draftsman. He uses this extensive engineering experience to add depth and reality to his stories. In his spare time, Ron enjoys crafting furniture in his workshop and tinkering on his vintage truck. Ron now resides on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

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Bea LaRocca said...

An awesome cover, synopsis and excerpt, this sounds like a thrilling read and I am looking forward to it. On a personal note, I have never been on an airplane to fly anywhere

bn100 said...

sounds interesting

marisela zuniga said...

This sounds like a really good thriller