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Review: October Jewels (Fearghus Academy, #1) by I.O. Scheffer @IOScheffer

October Jewels

Fearghus Academy, #1

by I.O. Scheffer

Published: May 26, 2020

Publisher: I.O. Scheffer

Genre: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Adventure, Magic


London, 1864. Fifteen year-old Anna Addison finds herself held at gunpoint by a snappy, out-of-place woman who calls herself Nichole Harvey. Surviving this encounter leads to Anna breaking free from the hopeless monotony of life, and she discovers that she possesses something most people on Earth don’t: magic. To her, it's the key to empowerment.

Wanting real opportunities, Anna leaps into Domhan, a world unlike Earth, which has the knowledge and wonder her birthplace lacks. She gets to attend Fearghus Academy, the top school in Domhan. There, she makes friends while receiving the education she had always been denied.

But a traumatic loss makes Anna realize she may have leaped into something dangerously deep. Her painful experience is only a small part of an issue of gigantic proportion, and as tensions rise, it becomes apparent to her that there is much more to this enemy lying just beneath the surface.

Now it's up to Anna and her friends to uncover the truth about Fearghus Academy's enemies, all while mitigating the mayhem of teen life. Will they unravel the mystery? Or will they be defeated by their sadistic foes? One thing is for certain … They won't come out unharmed.

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My Review:

Fifteen-year-old Anna Addison lives in London, 1864 in an orphanage. Anna was born in London but she is from another world. Anna lived in the orphanage until the day this lady shows up and holds her at gunpoint and takes her away to her homeworld.

Anna is taken to Fearghus Academy where she learns that she has magic. At Fearghus Academy Anna will be taught how about her magic and how to use it. Anna makes a lot of new friends at the academy. Anna and her friends are sent out on missions where some become very dangerous.

I liked when they went on the missions when they used their magic. I loved the scenes when they were using their magic the best. I also loved the character’s hair. What a cool idea. I liked that all you had to do was look at someone to know what their special power was. The characters were written in such a way that I felt like I knew them. They felt like someone you would want to be friends with and hang out with.

I love books with an academy setting which is one of the reasons I chose to read October Jewels. I love the world that was created for October Jewels. October Jewels is filled with lots of mystery that kept me wanting to keep reading until all was revealed.

I would recommend October Jewels to all fans of magic, adventure, fantasy, and some really cool characters. If you like books with an academy setting then I do believe that October Jewels would be something you would enjoy. Are you up for a fantastic adventure? Yeah, well, grab your copy of October Jewels now!

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