Sunday, February 27, 2022

Review: Lights Beyond The Stars (LBTS Mini Trilogy #1) by J.V. Nolan

Lights Beyond The Stars

LBTS Mini Trilogy #1

by J.V. Nolan

Published: December 24, 2021

Genre: Fantasy, Time Travel, Science Fiction


Being Watched All His Life

A young archaeologist sought an opportunity after graduation, working in a dig site somewhere in South America.

Dario’s world toppled upside down when he stumbled across an ancient alien monolith during his expedition.


My Review:

Dario is a young man who had always been bullied because of the things he believes in like things from other worlds, things of the unknown. Dario is a believer because he has seen things that no one else has seen or if they have they keep it to themselves.

Dario is made fun of by a student in his class. Dario and this student are always going at each other. But I do believe there may be more to their bickering than what is being revealed here. Maybe these two knew each other a long time ago as little boys and something happened that tore them apart.

Lights Beyond The Stars book one is a short story that leaves a lot to the imagination which in turn leaves you wanting to know more. It holds on to its secrets revealing slowly you like a slow burn kind of thingy.

I would like to know more about Dario and the rest of the characters and their stories. Hopefully, more will be revealed in Lights Beyond The Stars book two of the LBTS Mini Trilogy.

Lights Beyond The Stars book one is a great start to the LBTS Mini Trilogy. I would recommend Lights Beyond The Stars book one to all science fiction fans. One-click your copy of Lights Beyond The Stars book one today!

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