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NBTM Virtual Book Tour + #Giveaway: Heal Yourself: Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit by Sandie Gascon @GoddessFish

Heal Yourself

by Sandie Gascon



The body wants to return to balance. It just needs the tools to do so. Heal Yourself ~ Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit ~ helps you discover the messages your body is sending, and it also shares the tools to aid your body in healing itself.

"Part One: Body" covers Sandie's whole-body approach to healing: rebuilding and rebalancing the body, removing stress, and addressing the root causes of chronic illness. All key systems in the body are covered, including functional laboratory test analysis to determine what support your body needs, and the forms of supplements that are right for you. Because everything in our body is connected, we must also focus on our mind and spirit in order to heal. When we change our negative thoughts, beliefs, and responses to ones that serve us, we remove a huge burden of stress from the body.

"Part Two: Mind" dives deep into all areas of personal growth, from empowering language to the Laws of Attraction, building healthy relationships to wealth consciousness, and so much more.

"Part Three: Spirit" is focused on meditations to help further your spiritual journey. Through meditation, you learn to become the observer of the body. From here suffering becomes optional, allowing you to shift to a vibration of peace where the body, mind and spirit can heal.

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Depriving yourself of your ideal fuel and limiting what you eat will only cause further stress and harm to the body. At the end of the day, we need to start listening to and respecting our bodies. We need to eat. Yes, some people thrive on fat, and some thrive on protein. The key is finding the ideal fuel ratio and avoiding your individual sensitivities, while rebuilding the body so the sensitivities go away.

Our ideal fuel ratios will change throughout the day. For breakfast, I eat oats with sourdough, spelt or millet bread that is made at a local bakery with minimal ingredients, all well sourced. I have grass - fed butter on my toast, and I also put maple syrup on my toast because it does not taste good without it. I add honey and cinnamon to my oats. Before having Kaiden, I just had oats with berries, but throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, I needed the extra carbs for fuel. I feel fueled and full until lunch. For lunch, I often eat leftovers, a salad, or soup. Sometimes I have a treat meal for lunch.

I healed from all my health issues while having treat meals. A treat meal is anything I want to eat. It could be pizza or something from a restaurant. A treat meal is not whole foods. On my healing journey, there was no food that I gave up completely. Yes, I reduced the quantities of some, but I still had things in moderation. I realized after years on strict diets that left me feeling more sensitive, sicker, and isolated, that I was overlooking something. Why could some people eat whatever they wanted and live until one hundred years old? It did not seem to be the food or toxins. It was the fact that their bodies were able to handle the food and toxins. I needed to get my body healthy enough to handle those things. I have the desire to eat clean and fuel my body, and I want to be able to live a normal life and enjoy processed foods on occasion, without issue.

The isolation and depression from extreme diets puts a halt on healing. Life is worth living, yet I see and know so many practitioners who cannot leave their house because their diets are so strict. They then push strict diets onto their clients, creating and feeding the food phobia. They add to the guilt and shame by creating unrealistic expectations for others who are not in a position to give up their own lives and live in a bubble. These practitioners may work from home and not have to leave their houses, but most people do not want to live like that. I know I do not.

From mindset work, I understand how important it is to shift from illness mentality toward healing, passion, and purpose. It is impossible to do this if you are consumed with your diet and depressed because of it. There needs to be some balance.

Interview with Sandie Gascon

    If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

    I would tell my younger self not to try so hard. Just sit and type. It is so much easier to let the book write itself. All the ideas are out there if we get quiet enough to listen. When we let go of expectations of what it will be or should be, and just allow the process, the book will unfold on its own. I would also tell myself not to be so attached to sleep. The best ideas come in the middle of the night.

    What are the most important magazines for writers to subscribe to?

    I personally don’t read any magazines. I prefer to listen to audiobooks. With anything focus on your passion. I don’t listen and write notes as I find it becomes work. Reading, listening, and learning is play for me. I listen and allow what is meant to stick with me to do so without force. I listen for revelation. I have had so many shifts in consciousness just from listening.

    What do you owe the real people upon whom you base your characters?

    I don’t have any characters in my book. My family has been my biggest spiritual teachers in my life. My clients over the years have fueled me to continue to delve deeper into the world of natural healing. Doing this adds more tools to my toolbox and makes me a better coach. I don’t believe in owing. I am open to receiving and when I give it is freely without expectation of something in return

    What is the first book that made you cry?

    I don’t recall which book was the first one that made me cry. I cry over most things that are touching or sentimental.

    Does writing energize or exhaust you?

    Writing fuels my dopamine levels. It increases my drive and motivation. It energizes my passion and sets me on my purpose. I do make sure I support my brain and practice self-care. I have been working on a new project and have been writing up to eight hours a day. The words pour out, like a facet when I sit down and type. Writing Heal Yourself allowed me to find my zone. I can get into the writing zone and then turn it off until I am ready to write again. It allows me to be present in my family and work life. It has been a practice to get to this place as in the beginning I would often get carried away and not be able to turn off the tap.

    Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

    I don’t try to be either. When writing I allow the words to come. My goal is to help as many people as possible heal their body naturally by sharing the knowledge I have acquired on my journey. Once everything is on the screen, I edit to help make what I have written as easy to understand as possible. The science can get very technical.

    Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?

    My love of books and reading came from my mother. She always had her nose in a book when I was growing up and still to this day spends much of her day reading. I always wanted to be an author. I remember sitting at the kitchen table as a child, trying ever so hard to write my first book. I did the same in university. The words never came which caused a significant amount of frustration. Before writing Heal Yourself, I did not enjoy writing and would try to avoid it as much as possible. I have only written a few blog posts. Today, I wouldn’t say I love writing. I am amazed at how well the words flow through my fingers, onto the screen and feel immense gratitude for the ability to have that connection. I love sharing my knowledge with people and seeing them get results. I love seeing the project come together. The writing itself is a tool to achieve that purpose.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sandie Gascon is a Health Coach who has helped guide hundreds of people from over twenty-five countries on their healing journey. After suffering severe side effects from medications during her twenty-year battle with chronic migraines, when she was diagnosed with Lupus she committed herself to healing naturally. Through her experiences, she developed a whole body, mind, and spirit approach that addresses the person in a truly holistic manner. She takes the guess work out of the equation by running functional lab work to see what the body needs. She healed herself of migraines, depression, lupus, interstitial cystitis, and cystic acne. Her purpose is to help educate others on the importance of shifting focus to rebuilding and rebalancing the body and removing internal and external stress so the body can heal itself.

Sandie lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband Eric and son Kaiden. She has a passion for riding horses and spends much of her free time at the barn with her horses Bee and Vala. She loves playing with Kaiden, spending time with family and friends and hiking with her dogs.

Sandie is available for speaking engagements, workshops, and personal coaching. Find out more at

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