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Review: Tarja Titan (The Terrian Chronicles #1) by TC Marti

Tarja Titan

The Terrian Chronicles #1

by TC Marti

Published: February 28, 2022

Publisher: Phoenix Rising

Genre: Science Fiction, Superhero, Fantasy


Avatar: The Last Airbender Meets World of the Gateway

Abused and neglected for nearly a decade, Tarja Titan always longed for a home…

But she didn’t anticipate the reception she’d receive upon her return to a world she thought only existed in fiction

For starters, everyone in Elemental Society knows her name. Even if she has no recollection as to why. For another, she’s going to a university to hone a rare supernatural ability, or abilities, she’s never heard of.

Everywhere Tarja goes and everyone she speaks to, new secrets emerge. Like the fact she was murdered as a child and somehow here she is, as alive and well as her new classmates.

And this school has more secrets than Tarja could imagine. It has hidden rooms, corridors, and yeah, resident spirits love hanging out here. And they’re not shy about sharing a few stories. Even if her newly-discovered godbrother is.

Calling all fans of E.E. Holmes’ World of the Gateway and Carissa Andrews’ The Windhaven Witches. If you like strong heroines, elemental magic, complex plots, and young adult fiction, or better yet YA+, given the more mature subject matter, you will fall in love with Tarja Titan.

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My Review:

Tarja Titan is a bit of a Cinderella story. Tarja grew up in a home quite similar to Cinderella’s with an evil and abusive dad. Until the day her brother came to her rescue. He came in and whisked her away to a school where she could learn about her ability and meet others with abilities like hers or similar. Abilities she had never heard of.

After arriving at this school a lot of secrets about Tarja and her past come out. It puzzles her to no end why so many of the students and faculty members at the school seem to know her name. They seem to know more about her than she does herself.

Tarja learns that she was killed as a child but here she stands alive and well. How can that be? She also learns that the school has a lot of secrets that it is holding on to as well. Ghost wonder the hallways talking to Tarja every chance they get.

Tarja Titan is filled with magic, suspense, and enough secrets to hold your interest from beginning to end. The world-building is so amazing you feel as if you are right there on the scene experiencing everything as the characters do. I loved seeing everyone using their abilities or maybe more like learning how to control them.

Tarja is a strong and lovable character who tries her best to be friends with everyone or at least she gives them a chance. She at least tries to get to know a person before tossing them aside. She is not the type of person to compare them to their parents or other family members and decide that they must be just like them because they carry their DNA.

I can’t wait to read more about this magical world The Terrian Chronicles. I can’t wait to see whose story we get to read next. I would like to read more about Tarja, Liza, Braden all the other elementals to see where their lives and world lead them.

If you are a big fan of Carissa Andrews like I am then I suggest you grab a copy of Tarja Titan today and step into a world filled with magic. Tarja Titan would be a great read for fans of Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender as well.  

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