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Review: Fairytale Christmas (The Fair Folk Saga #1) by Merrie Destefano @MerrieDestefano

Fairytale Christmas

The Fair Folk Saga #1

by Merrie Destefano

Published: October 18, 2017

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Genre: Fantasy, Mythology, Folk Tales


Three thousand years ago, a war began between the immortals and the mortals. It's a war that continues to this day... Before history began, a legendary queen battled a foreign army, braved the death of her husband, and faced betrayal at the hand of someone she trusted. This is the story of Eire, Queen of the Faeries, the Immortal One, and the leader of the Tuatha de Danann. To this day, her homeland, Ireland, bears her name, and this is the story of the war that drove the Immortal Ones into exile. It's also the tale of how she found help from an unexpected place, leading her to a love like she had never known before. Fairytale Christmas is a story that spans thousands of years. It's also the beginning of all of our fairytales and legends; it's where mortals and immortals survive because they love one another, proving that love is the greatest gift of all. This is the first installment in the Saga of the Fair Folk, a journey that lasts until the end of time.

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My Review:

A war is happening between the mortals and immortals. The mortals take the fairy queen and her twin sons put a spell on all of them and hide them away for many years.

After many years have passed the fairy queen and her twins are awakened only to find they are being chased by the very people who put the spell on them all those many years ago. This time around they have every intention of killing her and they don’t expect to fail this time.

The fairy queen is a lot smarter than they give her credit for. As she and her sons are running through the forest they meet a group of people that help them out. The fairy queen meets a man that is about to change her life and her world.

Fairytale Christmas is just the beginning of a new world, an introduction to the Fair Folk and their world. It is a story of fairy tales with a dash of love. As I was reading Fairytale Christmas it was so easy to picture it all in my mind as if I was right there in the middle of that forest.

Fairytale Christmas may be a short story but it read like a full-length novel. I liked getting to know each character and their world. I can’t wait to see what Merrie Destefano has in store for us in the second book in The Fair Folk Saga.

I would recommend Fairytale Christmas to anyone who enjoys a great fairy tale! One-click your copy of Fairytale Christmas today!

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