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Review: Cruel Wolves & Devious Deceptions (Hellbound Hearts #3) by Danielle Annett @Danielle_Annett

Cruel Wolves & Devious Deceptions

Hellbound Hearts #3

by Danielle Annett

Published: September 1, 2021

Publisher: Coffee and Characters

Genre: Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Shifters


Desmond Pierce is a wolf above Alphas.

Good looking, arrogant, and hunter-born.

He also happens to be my brother’s best friend.

If coming from different clans wasn’t reason enough to stay away from him, his connection to my brother is.

But every time we’re in the same room, he needles his way under my skin, demanding my attention and making the tigress in me rise up in challenge.

I hate him

He hates me.

But when the unthinkable happens, I start to wonder if hate is enough to keep our attraction to one another at bay.

Cruel Wolves & Devious Deceptions is a STEAMY New Adult Paranormal Romance. You do not need to read earlier books in the series to enjoy it though, it is intended for mature audiences 17+ Please Read Responsibly.

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My Review:

Cruel Wolves & Devious Deceptions is the third book in the Hellbound Hearts series. Cruel Wolves & Devious Deceptions is also Meiying and Desmond’s story and told from both their points of view.

Meiying is a tiger shifter who has just finished Hellbound High and is now off to Hellbound University for the next four years. Meiying wasn’t too thrilled about attending Hellbound U but it is the school of her mother’s choice.

Meiying and Desmond Pierce a wolf shifter, her brother Zheng’s friend, and roommate are always fighting with each other. Desmond has an attitude problem. He likes being the boss and telling people what to do and Meiying hates being told what to do and will buck up every time.

Whenever those two are together things start to heat up in more ways than one. Meiying and Desmond are always nagging at one another. Desmond thinks he is her boss and Meiying doesn't like it one little bit. Meiying’s tiger side starts to get hot under the collar whenever he is near. Desmond can be a real jerk. But he can also be kind and nice when the time calls for it. When tragedy strikes Meiying’s life Desmond steps up to give her the comfort she needs.

For me, Cruel Wolves & Devious Deceptions was a fast-paced read that drew me in from the first page. I liked seeing Meiying and Desmond together. I think they made a great couple. I for some reason seemed to enjoy their bickering. I could just see the love floating between those two even if they couldn’t. If it could have been seen by the naked eye it would have been something like blue and red streaks maybe like lighting streaks flowing from one to the other, dancing in the moonlight and maybe you could even hear the sparks, and the more they bickered the more they would flash, spark, and crackle.

I would love to read more from this world. I would like to know more about other students attending Hellbound U. I would also like to see more of Desmond, Meiying, Zheng, and the rest of their friends in future books. I really like the idea of having different paranormal creatures living and attending the same school.

I highly recommend Cruel Wolves & Devious Deceptions to anyone who enjoys reading about different shifters living in the same world. Grab your copy of Cruel Wolves & Devious Deceptions today!

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