Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Review: King's Silver (Magic Awakening #1) by Lyssa Medana @LMedana

King's Silver

Magic Awakening #1

by Lyssa Medana

Published: February 8, 2022

Publisher: Three Furies Press, LLC

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Magic


Silvers. They seemed to come from nowhere. Suddenly young women were showing streaks of silver on their skin and in their hair – and with that silver came power.

Annis had heard the stories, of course, but as a peasant on an out of the way farm in Aretan, she had thought that they were nothing more than that, just stories. She was far too busy to bother with such nonsense. Until one day the silver started streaking her skin.

Her meeting with Prince Sigmund and their intense bond started a chain of events that no-one could have foreseen. Annis found herself tossed in the dangerous political currents of the court with the safety of the kingdom at stake.

What could a peasant girl bring to this suddenly unstable world? Annis could bring her no-nonsense practical sense and the power to bring down mountains. But would it be enough?

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My Review:

King's Silver is an introduction to a new world of magic. King's Silver is quite unlike anything I believe I have ever read before. In King’s Silver, the world has never seen magic before so therefore know nothing about it. When blue streaks start appearing on people they have no idea what is happening.

They become very frightened when the ones with blue streaks start using magic. They have no idea what it is or what these people are. They are very, very afraid of them. Whenever they see someone with blue streaks they scatter in all directions.

King's Silver is a very intriguing, enthralling, and magical read that had me hooked from the summary. I could literately see the whole thing playing out in my head and whenever Annis used her magic I was lost and the world around me disappeared as I watched her use her magic. It was magical.

With magic being so new to everyone it meant that no one knew anything about it or how to use it. They couldn’t even control it. Whenever it came out there was no stopping it and people got hurt. Annis didn’t like the idea that something was controlling her and she was very determined to learn how it worked and how to keep it under her control. So she practiced whenever possible.

Annis gave me the impression that she was a humble person. Someone with the biggest heart ever and would never ever hurt anyone as long as it was in her power to not do so.

I enjoyed Annis’s world and her magic so much that is has filled my heart to bursting. I can’t wait to see what Magic Awakening has waiting for us in the next book. I hope to see more of Annis and Sigmund’s world. I would also like to know more about this magic of theirs and I would also like to know more about others who may possess this magic.

I highly recommend King’s Silver to all fans of magic. This is one book I do believe that all magical fans will fall in love with. One-click your copy of King’s Silver today and join Annis on her journey as she is introduced to magic!

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