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Review: So Over the Undead by Alex Apostol @AlexApostol87

So Over the Undead

Zooey Zombie #2

by Alex Apostol

Published: February 15, 2022

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombies, Horror


Zooey is back and she's learning how life is going to be for her now that she's an Undead. There are laws to protect this new race of human and their rights, but she quickly realizes many don't want them to be able to go to school or work or even live in the same neighborhoods as regular people. As Zooey tries to piece her life back together she gets caught up in a social nightmare as the human race fights back against the Undead. Can Zooey stand up for her new race and be heard or will her voice fall on deaf ears? In light of recent attacks being blamed on the Undead reverting back to their zombie state, it's harder than ever to find support.

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My Review:

So Over the Undead was just as enthralling as the first book in the Zooey Zombie Series, It’s an Undead Thing. It drew me in from the first page and never let go. The Zooey Zombie Series will stay with me for a very long time if not forever.

Zooey is back! Yea! Zooey is an Undead. Zooey is trying to get her life back after the zombie apocalypse. A cure was found for the zombies that turned the dead into the undead.

Getting her old life back seems to be harder than Zooey imagined it would be. I mean she knew it would be hard but not quite this hard, right? Trying to be accepted back into society is way harder than she could ever have imagined.

Humans or lifers don’t want the undead around. Lifers think the undead should have stayed dead that no cure should have been made. They think the undead can’t be trusted.

But I think they are just afraid of the undead. They don’t know what to expect from them. They don’t know what the undead are going to do next. They are too afraid to take the time to get to know the undead. They are afraid that the undead will take over and rule the world.

Zooey faces more than one kind of battle in So Over the Undead. Not only is she facing the battle of just trying to fit into a whole new world and battling with lifers for the right just to be alive and a part of their world she is battling with her own self, her own guilt, and what she has done and come to terms with it.

I can’t seem to get enough of this undead world that was created for Zooey Zombie. I am so looking forward to more from this amazingly brilliant world of the undead. I can’t wait to dive into the next book in the Zooey Zombie Series. Well, at least I am hoping for more books in the very near future!

This is one series I highly recommend to all zombie fans! One-click your copy of So Over the Undead for a new twist on the undead today!

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