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Review: Through Virulent Time by Chris Sarantopoulos @c_sarantopoulos

Through Virulent Time

Matriarchs - Silicon Gods #3

by Chris Sarantopoulos

Published: June 26, 2022

Genre: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Thriller


You zero, you die. The timer is relentless.

The world changed in the last century. Now it’s kill or be killed. Yury Bukin is a mafia member willing to do anything in his power to keep his counter from reaching zero.

When his mentor assigns him a simple job, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime; steal a canister and get rewarded with an entire week of life. Except others are searching for that canister and they have leverage over him: the only other person he cares for. Because the canister may hold mankind’s salvation.

To put an end to his never-ending timer, he must challenge the establishment and his nature. To change the world, he must stand up against overwhelmingly stronger forces. To save what he loves, he must side with those he has grown up hating all his life. If he fails, mankind fails with him.

Trigger warrning: mention of prostitution. Moderate violence. Moderate use of foul language

Audience: Adult

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My Review:

Yury Bukin lives in a world where everyone lives by a timer. If your timer zeros out then your time is up and you die. Everyone works as hard as they can for more time to lengthen their lives.

People fight against each other every day trying to get as much time as possible. Some try to earn their time by working hard at whatever job they can get while others roam the streets robbing, stealing, and even killing to get more time. Some work all day for just a few more hours to live. Most people only have enough time to live a few days to a week at a time.

Yury works for the mafia and is given the assignment to find a canister and he will be given a week of life. The thing is just about everybody and his brother are looking for this canister.

Though Virulent Time is a very intense read that kept me hooked right up until the last page. There was action throughout the whole story. It had me racing to the end to find all the answers. You know I can tell you one thing Through Virulent Time was a fast read but it also had a slow build to its storyline only giving out a little bit of information at a time just enough to keep you interested.

If you like a good thriller with a little bit of sci-fi mystery mixed in then I do believe you would enjoy Through Virulent Time! One-click your copy of Through Virulent Time today!

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